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  • Does age matter?

    My wife and I have grown accustomed to the occasional stare or comment made by others when out in public with our children. It is not because we look funny. Well, at least I hope not. But there is a slight age difference between us. I am older than my wife’s step mother, if that helps. But that isn’t really the odd part. Our children range in age from 4 to 27 years old. The two oldest normally aren’t with us, and when they are, it becomes even more confusing for those star...   More

  • Free!

    From this point I could possibly write most anything. If you are interested you would continue to read and if not, well, you wouldn’t. So my job is to keep your attention. And that is exactly what I plan to do! So what does free have to do with anything? I am glad you ask!

    Did you know there is a resource available that can strengthen believers, reach the lost, and change culture? That’s right! And it is free!   More

  • 6 Overviews of the New Testament Canon

    The following is a paper presented during graduate school at what was then known as Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Why post differing views concerning the New Testament canon? I am glad you ask!

         The development of the New Testament Canon at first glance would appear to some as a possible basic definition of where the New Testament came from originally.  In this presentation we will show that there is truly not a precise answer to what appears to...   More