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  • Apologetics misunderstood...

    Here we go again! It is a daily struggle doing apologetics, or in other words, being an apologist. What do I mean by that? I am the bad guy. I am the one that believes scripture is the ultimate authority. I am the guy most Christians do not appear to like. It is frustrating. It is lonely. I feel like I am wasting my time. In fact, I am told “you cannot change people”. Though I am not sure I am trying to change anyone. My goal is to share truth/Truth. My hope is that people will...   More

  • RC, me and thee...

    To be a recruiter in the Air Force one must volunteer, go through a screening process and be selected. Once selected, the individual is given a free trip to San Antonio for a six to eight-week intense sales training school. Those attending are taught a script from "hello, can I help you" to "press hard four copies." Meaning what to say from the time someone arrives for an appointment to closing the "sale." Among, such things as "closing the sale", to "handling interruptions" and "overcoming...   More

  • Altruism, Nihilism and naturalism...oh my!

    As a child, my parents had a couple of sayings that I have remembered my entire life. The first being " do whatever you think is right." I hated when they would tell me to "do whatever you think is right" because normally I wanted to do something that I knew was not "exactly" right. The other was "if you ask the question, you probably already know the answer". Of course, I knew the answer. I was looking for approval to do something I knew was not right. So, what does any of this have to do...   More