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  • 5 Reasons to Support God's Ministry through Ratio Christi and John Mays

    “You will never know the answer unless you ask the question.” I am not sure where the quote came from, but I have used, and heard others use, it many times. Typically, in my experience, it is like saying “what is the worst that could happen?” Meaning, even if not given the answer desired, one will never know until they ask. During high school, my friends and I, would spend our break and lunch time asking other students for a quarter. We asked everyone! Many would say...   More

  • What if? Christianity is false...

    Once upon a time, many of us believed in Santa. However, as we matured, that belief changed based on our knowledge of the truth. To some it was sad learning the truth about Santa. To others, discovering the truth was enlightening. You see, people like to think what they believe is true. Yet, simply because one believes something to be true, does not necessarily make it true. So, what does any of this have to do with Christianity being false? I'm glad you ask.   More

  • Huntington WV!

    I normally follow my Tuesday podcast, RC Talk, with my blog to provide more details about the podcast. Today, I am going to break the routine. Why break something that is working? I am glad you ask!   More

  • Why are you a Christian?

    Part of the interview process, during my time as an Air Force recruiter, was to ask the applicant numerous questions. The first few questions consisted of what the person enjoyed doing, such as hobbies, interests, and entertainment. It was a way of establishing rapport. However, as the interview progressed, the questions became more focused. Many times, it was a little uncomfortable, due to the nature of the question. You see, every answer given, had a purpose behind it. Basically, everythi...   More