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  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Jonah 1:17

    Over the past six weeks I have provided both New and Old Testament scripture for apologetics. Last week I used the parting of the Red Sea. A famous children’s story about Moses. This week, I am continuing the theme of children’s stories, well, they are not actually children’s stories as I hoped I showed last week with Moses. However, I would suggest the Moses story, as with today’s Old Testament verse, Jonah 1:17, are typically used in Sunday school. But there is so...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Exodus 14:31

    I would suggest apologetics are a significant part of the Bible. Consider every sign and miracle recorded from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It is a book of historical facts and evidence. Thus, I am completely baffled as to why so many are either against apologetics or do not seem to think apologetics biblical.   More