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Marshall University

  • Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know

    Many have heard the statistics before, 50-75% of our youth are leaving the faith during college. However, it seems “the church” is not listening. In their new book, So the Next Generation will Know, Sean McDowell and J Warner Wallace have gone a step beyond the statistics. “This book is different” (p.26)   More

  • Answer the Door!

    The title of this blog should have possibly been, “sharing the gospel without leaving your house”! A recent survey indicated over 50% of Christians do not feel comfortable sharing the gospel. One of my goals has been to help the church understand the importance of “why” they believe. Knowing “why” provides confidence to a scary situation known as evangelism. Well, here, I will provide an overview of Mormonism. Though you still must have answers, they will...   More