Today’s blog obviously is not about nothing, that is not logically possible. However, I would not say it is about any particular subject. In fact, I should write after going to bed at night. I have these thoughts that literally keep me awake. I have considered getting up and writing them down. Yet, here I am trying to remember them. So, instead of being about nothing, this blog consists of some random thoughts I am putting together and calling it a blog.

Many people have told me the way I present things, apologetics etc., is too harsh. I have considered what has been said but, cannot seem to arrive at a solution. I share the truth in the most loving and gentle manner I know how. The problem is people do not like the truth. Here in lies, I assume, why people do not seem to like me. I live a lonely and frustrating life. It may very well be my fault. I am not sure. A lot of what I share concerns false teachers. I do not hear anyone else speaking, or should I state warning, other Christian’s not to listen to a false gospel. I guess if one does not like me for sharing what I do, or how I do it, then I am sorry. I do the best I can with what God has called me to do. I have never “fit” in or “played the game”. I do not purposely wake up daily with intentions of making someone made or hurting someone’s feelings. I am me…

How can I help you? Seriously! God has put it on my heart to do what I do; apologetics and according to His will plant a church. I love sharing with others. I know many are afraid of what I may say. I will not say anything outside of truth to the best of my ability. It seems no one cares honestly. If we are right, and we are, (the truth of Christianity), why doesn't everyone want to be a part of what we are doing?

Simply because you believe something does not make it true.  Simply because it is what you have been taught your entire life does not make it true either.  Let's all get on the same page!  How do we do that?  Define what we believe.  People ask why there so many denominations but, in my experience, the majority do not know what "Christianity" they believe, much less what a denomination may believe.  Here is how one can tell that statement is true.  Write or say something concerning one of the ever so popular preachers so many Christians love and see how Christ like they treat you afterward.  Here is part of the problem.  Orthodox Christianity is the foundation of the Christian belief.  If you do not know what that is, well as I said, this is part of the problem.  If you do know, and still follow the Hinns, Hagins, Meyers, Moores, Jakes, Joels and any WOF teacher, then you are wrong!  Sorry that was blunt, but we are to call out false teachers.  Take it up with God, I am just the messenger.  Everyone cannot be right.  Which means someone is wrong.  So, let's get on the same page, know where Christianity even started, who decided the Books, the resurrection and the rest of the essentials.  If you do not agree with the essentials, well, you are following something that is not Christianity.  Why not give it a try?  I know, I know what makes me right?  It isn't about me.  I base my beliefs on the Word of God, history, evidence and reason.  It is not based on a feeling I have.  Bottom line, let's come together on the basics and build from there.

Which brings us to our pastors.  It would appear, again from coming from the "other side" and now being a part of the "club" that our pastors do not want to state that there is one Truth.  We talk about the truth, but to tell someone they are wrong, well I have never heard it from anyone except my professors.  Again, if we are right, and I think we are, then we must also tell others they are wrong!  I know the dreaded church member that has been there since the apostles may get mad.  Well, then they should go to the Book and handle it accordingly.  Stop getting upset over every little thing and accept that all of us cannot be right.  Myself included!  I also understand the excuse that it is hard to preach on Sunday to milk and meat both.  Well, put the milk folks in class on Sunday morning.  If they do not like it, introduce them to the church of comfort around the corner.  Stand up for God and teach the Truth.  It is not about how scripture makes someone feel.  It is about what scripture means in context.  Teach us, from the beginning, or as the Bible states, make disciples.  If you believe truth is subjective, then chances are you are not following the same Christianity, or Book, most profess to follow.  The Bible teaches objective, absolute Truth, and we need to be teaching it as well.  Why not give it a try?

All the nice things we do as Christians, or serving as I stated earlier, are fantastic.  Yes, I really wrote that.  However, if all we are doing is serving and not sharing the gospel then what makes us any different than the other folks doing nice things and serving.  But first, we must take care of our own!  Again, a Biblical standard.  And again, I know the excuses.  People will take advantage, or people will come here just for a handout.  Okay, how many have we helped outside the church that have come to Christ?  Where are they?  Our goal is to not only share the love of Christ, but to make sure we share the love with those that are followers.  How many people in your church do you think could use the kind of help we are sending to other countries?  Or need many of the items we are giving away.  How many kids in our church need coats, toys, and for that matter necessities, that we assume are okay?  Reminder!  This is not about a particular church, pastor or congregation!  But anyway, Biblically, we must take care of our own first.  In all ways.  Salvation first, then all the other nice stuff everyone else is doing too.  Set ourselves apart it states.  But that sounds like a cult.  No, it sounds like what the Bible tells us to do.

There will never be enough space to write everything on my heart.  Yet, the Holy Spirit moved in my life eleven years ago, and since then, well, the "club" has pretty much been exactly one of the reasons I stayed away for so long.  I am not being mean, or rude.  I have been on the other side.  I made fun of Christians, along with my friends, and most other non - followers.  There are many reasons.  Mainly the actions, attitudes and beliefs of many that professed the Christian title.  My heart is to reach everyone that was like me.  My mind struggles with the fact of no one seeming to care.  Same thing different YEAR.  Can someone listen?  Would someone have the courage to make the change?  Can we come together in Truth?  Can we stop feeling good about ourselves and make a difference in the world; in our community, our family and friends?

Why are most people not Christian? Yes, I know, statistically 75% of Americans profess to be Christian but, that goes back to defining Christianity. So, here is why I personally, and ALL my previous friends, were not Christian.  Please take a second and read.  It has nothing to do with belief in God, following rules, or any other nonsensical things many Christians think it is.  It IS us, or you, or however one would like to phrase it.  Most people are not Christian because of Christians!  What is it going to take to convince someone?  All the nice, serving, good Christian things we/you/us are all doing is not doing anything to reach the non-follower.  The majority believe by the way, thus why I call them non-followers.  The problem is our (Christian) ACTIONS! 

I thank God daily for the Holy Spirit moving in my life.  Why? Well, if I based my salvation, on the actions of other Christians, I would never have signed on.  And most days, without apologetics, I would walk away.  Yes, I know we tell the non-follower not to base their life on other’s actions.  Been there, heard that.  And again, I promise, if actions are louder than words the perception of the Christian community is its own worst enemy!  This isn't based on just the small town I grew up in as a child.  I have been a few places, spent twelve years in the Air Force, and it is the same everywhere I have been.  Christians doing their "good" Christian things, along with every civic organization, and other nice people.  In fact, the other nice people, get more respect than the Christian.  Why you ask?  Because they are perceived as doing it because they want to and not to put on the Christian front.  What is it going to take?  Does any of this sound familiar?  It is one of my greatest frustrations, besides the prosperity gospel.  No one listens or seems to care!  "Let's just keep doing what we have always done"!  How is that working out for us?

I assure you that I was much "happier", had more money, better friends, and thought Christianity was one of, if not the, stupidest things anyone could ever be a part of.  Praise God for His free gift of salvation!  Happiness is not what Christianity, or life is about.  God does not care if you are happy.  Our "prize" is heaven.  I had more money because my morals were less than what they are now.  It didn't bother me one bit to look someone directly in the eye and lie to them.  Now, the Holy Spirit convicts my heart thinking about lying.  Friends, I had plenty.  Actual friends.  Not the extremely too sensitive person that if I happen to say something they don't like pouted forever.  Or ran to the pastor and told on me.  (Something like what I am writing, BIG TROUBLE).  In fact, during my twelve years in the Air Force, I only recall two individuals professing Christianity.  One we made fun of, the other was a good guy, but still the only difference in him and "us" was he went to church on Sunday and we stayed in bed hung over.

I write all of that to write this...People are not Christians because of Christians.  We have all read the statistics, same divorce rate, porn problems, adultery, drinking, and well, most do not see the point.  Why would they?  They aren't really concerned about heaven or hell.  They have no desire to live like they see many of us living.  Meaning, why call themselves something, or bother getting up on Sunday morning, when they can do the same things we are doing and have less guilt.  They think we are living a lie!  And why not?  Please tell me...What is it going to take?

See, random thoughts and frustration…


John Mays is the Regional Director for WV and PA. He is also the Chapter Director at Marshall University. Contact him at