The title of this blog should have possibly been, “sharing the gospel without leaving your house”! A recent survey indicated over 50% of Christians do not feel comfortable sharing the gospel. One of my goals has been to help the church understand the importance of “why” they believe. Knowing “why” provides confidence to a scary situation known as evangelism. Well, here, I will provide an overview of Mormonism. Though you still must have answers, they will come to you! This eliminates the fear of going out talking to strangers and is an excellent opportunity to practice sharing without leaving the house.

If the Mormons have one thing right it is training/discipling each other on what they believe, why they believe it, AND sharing with others. Though Mormons profess to be Christian, they are not. In fact, Mormonism would be considered a cult. Prayerfully you will understand why by the end of this writing.

What defines a cult – denial of Christian Orthodoxy. At this point one must know what Christianity believes along with the essentials of which it is based. I have written on that previously.

The following is an overview of Mormonism. Written in easy to understand “bullet points” as a reference for conversations with other Christians and Mormons.

Founded by Joseph Smith (1805-1844) in 1830 in New York City.

Their central belief concerning God is that God the Father was once a man who progressed to Godhood.

They believe God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three separate gods. This is polytheistic.

God the Father has an actual physical body.

God the Father has a wife, called the “Heavenly Mother.” Faithful Mormons can become gods themselves.

God the Father is named “Elohim.”

Their central belief concerning Jesus Christ is that He was created as a spirit child by the Father Elohim and Mother in heaven.

As the first child from the Father and Mother, Jesus is the “elder brother” of all men and spirit beings.

Jesus’ body was created by a sexual union between Elohim and Mary.

Jesus was married and died to provide our resurrection, not  atonement for our sins as with Christianity.

Jesus is the half-brother of Lucifer, who was also fathered by Elohim. Lucifer is now named Satan.

The “Holy Ghost” is different than the “Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is the energy from God, or “light of Christ.”

Salvation – purpose of human life is to progress to full salvation.

After death everyone goes to one of two places: paradise and spirit prison.

Missionaries can come down to spirit prison to make converts.

Must be baptized for the dead. Living saints take on dead’s name and are baptized for and on behalf of the dead. Same for marriages.

Eventually everyone will be released from paradise and spirit prison and progress to one of the 3 heavens.

Good Mormons become Heavenly Fathers and Mothers. I am not sure what “good” is based upon.

Denies Biblical doctrine of grace; by grace we are saved AFTER ALL WE DO!

Scripture is called standard works and includes the King James Version of the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

Claims to have succession of true and living prophets and receive new revelation from God.

One of the fastest growing religions in history with 53000 missionaries, 13 million members in 170 countries.

God and Jesus appeared to Joseph at age 14. 10 years prior to church beginning.

Claim there was no true Christianity on the earth for 1700 years…

Book of Mormon came from golden plates from angel Moroni.

Prior to becoming an angel Moroni had been a prophet of God living in North America.

Native Americans are of Northeast Asia descent not Jewish. A fact differing from Mormon claim.

Smith also learned that a Jewish man Lehi and extended family had fled Jerusalem in a ship about 600 BC landing in central America. Multiplied and became two nations – Nephites and Lamanites.

Lamanites became Native American Indians after defeating Nephites.

And guess who was a Nephite – Moroni. Killed about 325AD.

Book of Mormon has been altered over 4000 times.

Smith and brother killed in jail 1844.

Most followed Brigham Young after the death of Smith.

Not enough time for evidence in support of any of the claims presented. According to Morminism.

Prayerfully this overview will enable Christians to “answer the door” when the Mormon missionaries come knocking…


John Mays is the Regional Director for the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He is also the Chapter Director at Marshall University. Contact him at