My wife and I have grown accustomed to the occasional stare or comment made by others when out in public with our children. It is not because we look funny. Well, at least I hope not. But there is a slight age difference between us. I am older than my wife’s step mother, if that helps. But that isn’t really the odd part. Our children range in age from 4 to 27 years old. The two oldest normally aren’t with us, and when they are, it becomes even more confusing for those staring or making comments. Yes, many seem to think I am the grandfather of the youngest, or he is the son of our oldest. Are you a little confused yet? So what does this have to do with “Does age matter?” I am glad you ask!

One of the many objections to Christianity is located in the very first sentence of the Bible. Genesis 1:1 states, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. In fact, this one statement, has divided churches. It has been used by some of the most well-known atheists to discredit Christianity. It has caused many to falsely assume science and religion are not compatible. But does age really matter?

Let me clarify for those that may not understand the objection. You see, the argument, or objection, stems from the age of the universe. It is commonly referred to as the Old Earth Creation versus the Young Earth Creation argument. Many may not see this as any type of objection, or ask why does it matter? In the big picture it doesn’t. It is not a salvation issue. Neither is it Essential Christian doctrine. So whether one believes the earth is approximately 8000 years old, young earth, or 14.8 billion years old, old earth, is, well, possibly based on a literal reading of Genesis 1:1, or a literal reading using scientific evidence. The point being, Christians should at least have a basic understanding of both positions and, be able to provide evidence and reason, as to why each position is equally valid…

The majority of my life, including my years of agnosticism, I honestly didn’t give the age of the universe much thought. I am sure many Christians do not give it much thought. The Bible states in the beginning God created and 6 days later, Bam, He was finished and rested. In fact, this writing may be the first time some Christians have heard there was an objection. Here in lies the problem. Those same Christians typically do not see why there is an objection, but they also do not see why, as commanded in scripture, we are to have an answer for the hope we have. The old adage of “the Bible says it and I believe it” are long gone. Or should be anyway!

You see, the Bible and science do not contradict. Science actually supports the Bible. The Big Bang theory that for so long, and possibly still may, terrify Christians, is the “In the beginning.” Or can be if one objects to God’s existence. Science shows, through the Big Bang, the universe actually had a beginning as stated in Genesis! And, if it, the universe, had a beginning, it has to have an end, scientifically speaking, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and Biblically Jesus’s return.

This obviously is a basic overview. However, please do not be afraid of science. Do not let others tell you science disproves Christianity. Instead be prepared. The Bible is complete and God’s revelation has been given to us; all the way to the end. Science is always changing and looking for answers. We have the answers. So will you become familiar with your Bible and how it supports science? Or will you continue to be seen as irrelevant for not having an answer for the hope you have? Does age matter? Not really. But blind faith may very well lead one down a wide path of destruction.