To be a recruiter in the Air Force one must volunteer, go through a screening process and be selected. Once selected, the individual is given a free trip to San Antonio for a six to eight-week intense sales training school. Those attending are taught a script from "hello, can I help you" to "press hard four copies." Meaning what to say from the time someone arrives for an appointment to closing the "sale." Among, such things as "closing the sale", to "handling interruptions" and "overcoming objections" are taught. One of my favorite objections to attempt to overcome was asking what I had done wrong during my presentation. Used when the "sale" was not closed. If you ask the question the applicant will always give you some type of answer. The response, in an attempt to close the deal, was "I know how you feel, I felt the same way as well, until I found out otherwise." It is called the feel, felt, found close. So, what does any of this have to do with RC, me and thee? I am glad you ask!

I have been with Ratio Christi for almost six years. I am confident a lot of people do not know what I do. Here in lies the point in writing. I will clarify two common misunderstandings and three points; what is Ratio Christi, myself, and how you can be a part of this vital ministry.

Ratio Christi is a Latin term meaning "reason for Christ." What a concept huh? The confusion comes from how to pronounce the term. Personally, I say "ratio" like one would when referring to a math problem. Others pronounce it "rah tee o", with a short "a", and still others say "rah she o" again with a short "a." I am sure there is a correct way of stating the name. I am not sure it is of great importance. The other term is much simpler. "Apologetics" is defined as giving a reason or providing evidence. An example would be a courtroom. Lawyers provide reason an evidence of the guilt or innocence of their client. In our case, the term is used in Christianity. To provide reason and evidence of why you believe what you believe about God, more specifically, Christianity.

Ratio Christi is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. This includes high school students for higher education and even a higher calling. We also serve our local community through teaching and training in churches and other public venues. We do this by placing an apologist, ideally an educated individual, on college campuses to start clubs, have weekly meetings, host "big name" professionals in apologetics and philosophy, and doing outreach events. Our aim is strictly apologetics. We do not compete with other student organizations but, attempt to partner with and support them. Ratio Christi currently has over two hundred clubs throughout the United States and overseas.

As many of you know I was agnostic until I was forty-one years old. Since then God has forced me to school where I have completed a MA in Evangelism and Church Planting a MA in Christian Apologetics and a MDiv in Evangelism and Church planting. I write this not to brag on myself but, to provide a background of the passion God has placed in my heart. The passion to strengthen the follower, reach the lost and change culture through apologetics and prayerfully church planting! Apologetics is a lonely, and sometimes frustrating, profession. Church planting is hard! It is my desire for every Christian to know at least the basic answers for why they are Christians. Most do not...

You can be a part of this ministry, or movement as we refer to it, three ways. You see, I am a full-time missionary. And no, I have not been around the world. My mission field is my backyard. Over the past six years a lot has changed. This year I became the Regional Director for West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I continue to lead the Ratio Christi club on campus at Marshall University. I now have a podcast, blog and youtube channel as well. All because God has provided a way to use me in His ministry with Ratio Christi. But, I need your help! God has provided my needs. However, my family suffers due to the stress of finacial worry. Just as the apostle Paul had ministry partners, all staff members of Ratio Christi are required to develop a group of partners for their work with Ratio Christi. Partners have a personal relationship with the staff member, and are vital for not only the financing of this important work. I maintain a home office, insurance, supplies, and expenses. My wife has sacrificed time with the famiy, mainly our children, (I'm not sure about me so much), to help support our family as a teacher. She has watched lovingly, as other families go and do, so that I may continue in what I know God has called me to do, teach and defend the Truth of Christianity. We do not have insurance for her or the kids. No reserve savings for emergencies. We survive, financially. If you know women you know they like, or need at least the feeling of security. My wife does not have that. It is to the point of me seeking outside employment. Anyway, how can you help? Pray for us that we may achieve 100% funding. Become a monthly supporter, to help us reach our financial goals. Tell others about this ministry.

You see, many do not know what I do or what Ratio Christi is all about. I understand how they feel. I felt the same way. Until I found out and became a part of one of the fastest growing ministries in the world! Will you join us now that you know? You can become a financial partner by following this link:


John Mays is the Regional Director for the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He is also the Chapter Director at Marshall University. Contact him at