From this point I could possibly write most anything. If you are interested you would continue to read and if not, well, you wouldn’t. So my job is to keep your attention. And that is exactly what I plan to do! So what does free have to do with anything? I am glad you ask!

Did you know there is a resource available that can strengthen believers, reach the lost, and change culture? That’s right! And it is free!

Ratio Christi is an international organization with over 170 student organizations on college campuses around the world! So what you say? Never heard of Ratio Christi? Let me give you some highlights and how we can help your organization! Yeah, yeah, I know another college ministry that is going to change the world. Well, you got part of that right. We are in a position to change the world. We are not just another college ministry! What makes us different? Good question.

On the college campus, Ratio Christi is growing by leaps and bounds. We do not compete with other college ministries and have a “no competition zone” statement clarifying we are here to help, not compete. How can we help? By partnering with other college ministries! When we partner together, we can accomplish so much more. You see, we are different than the other ministries on campus. Our focus is on the mind of the student. We use history, science, and philosophy, to defend the Truth of Christianity. We do this by discipling students to “think” by using logic and reason. We teach them critical thinking skills to strengthen the faith of Christian students, answer the questions of the lost, and change the culture on campus by sharing Truth. But wait, there’s more!

Ratio Christi has started a high school program that we call “College Prep”. That’s right, we provide the resources to reach students in both secular and Christian high schools. This program is again focused on apologetics as our college ministries. We train and provide material to individuals to individuals interested in reaching the minds of students at an earlier age. Why is this important? Based on statistics college students, and those up to 30 years old are leaving the faith at a rate of 75%! The solution, Ratio Christi College Prep! And we haven’t stopped there!

“Ratio Christi Prof” is our way of reaching college professors! We are partnering with college professors with the goal of “reach the professor, reach the student”! What better way to ensure your child is actually getting a college education from a professor that is a follower of Christ. Statistics show many, if not most, college professors are agnostic or atheist. Sadly, the Christian professors often run into situations that they either keep quiet about their faith, or in extreme circumstances, lose their job. We are there to help! We provide ideas, activities, and resources for the professor to share the Truth in an innovative way, yet still teach their required subject matter. This program has experienced some amazing results on secular campuses everywhere! Yes, but what about the church? Man, lots of amazing questions!

The church may very well be the biggest benefactor of what we do! Are you serious? Very much so! Ratio Christi has trained apologists that work directly with churches in many ways! It is a win win situation. Think about the impact your church can have by exposing the youth group, the adults and small groups, the teachers and professors in the congregation. Sadly, most churches are not taking advantage of this amazing movement. Ratio Christi provides the training and resources to equip the entire church in the first and greatest commandment, according to Jesus, of loving God with all your mind! Many churches are missing out because they do not know what apologetics are, they have had a bad experience with apologetics, or some may not like the apologist. Yes, well, those are all excuses to not use this vital resource. The entire Bible provides examples of apologetics, people didn’t like Jesus, remember they killed Him, and yet the church appears to be afraid to share the Truth! It is okay if some don’t like it, or if some leave. We must stop the trend of losing our youth and at the same time change our culture. Churches, we want to partner with you!

As you can see, and this is a simple overview, Ratio Christi is more than just another college ministry! It starts with your church, the pastor or the elders and deacons. We can train our churches, starting with your children, through high school, college and their professors! We can strengthen the believer, reach the lost, and change our culture! Will you, and your church, join the movement?

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