From birth, and throughout life, there is, and always will be, those that know more than we know. As children it is our parents. As parents it is other experts in their respective fields. We send our children to school to learn from teachers. We trust them to teach our kids as they have been to school and are qualified to teach. And this concept applies to most everything, from doctors, to lawyers, mechanics, and of course our money. We are always relying on others. Experts, or those qualified, to provide us with their knowledge. Yet, for some reason, the most important thing anyone can learn in this life is they are indeed lost and in need of a savior. But, in this most important area of life, many feel they do not need help. They can figure it all out on their own.

First, no one has all the answers. However, there a many who have studied and been to school to become experts in their field. In fact, God has provided preachers and teachers to help all of us to grasp that we are lost and need Him and Him alone. However, for some reason, people either disregard the "experts" and instead choose to listen to the popular man or woman regardless of what they are teaching. Instead of seeking out the best in their field, many settle for less than they would in any other aspect of life. We want the best teacher for our kids, the best doctor for out health, lawyer for our problems, mechanic for our cars, well you get the point. But again, for the most important part of this life, we ask no one for advice or guidance on who is teaching Truth. Many simply go with the majority, or someone they have come across that sounds good. Please do not misunderstand what I am trying to say. Many who teach and preach did not go to seminary. But, in my experience, especially in today's world of modern technology, I would find it prideful for one "called" to teach or preach and not go to school. Why would they not want to do their best and learn all they can from those that are experts? Oh, and I know, I hear it all the time, "the apostles didn't go to school." Really? What did they call Jesus? Exactly, they called Him teacher, as He is the Master teacher. And the apostles, having the Master teacher still did not understand.

I went to bed Friday night at 8 o’clock. Completely frustrated by scrolling through Facebook. I know, why not just turn Facebook off? I was beyond that point. For some reason, I cannot let what other professing Christian’s say and do, or post, not bother me. I know why. It is because I care! Not that I have all the answers. Because I lived on the other side. I stayed away from Christianity for the exact reason that continues to frustrate me today. The “I can do all things through Christ”, “too blessed to be stressed”, “I know the plans I have for you” and the always famous “judge not”. All out of context! But that is not all. We are afraid to speak out against abortion, same sex marriage, transgenderism etc. We contradict what we supposedly believe. I am confident most do not know what they believe. It is a combination of what they have heard, bits and pieces of what they have read, and whatever makes them feel good and sounds Christ like!

As I wrote above, no one has all the answers. Especially me! But we have been to school. We have spent time reading, studying, and learning from some of the best minds in the world. Recognized scholars from around the world. People that have spent their life, not just during school, but their entire life, learning about a life or death situation. It appears odd that a life or death situation is taken so lightly by many that profess to love and follow Christ. It seems odd that "they" seek experts in every aspect of their life except for the most important one. Would "they" send their children to a school where the teacher had only read the manual. Trust a doctor that simply read the book.

If you are a Christian, or profess to be a Christian, our Book states that God would give you preachers and teachers. Here in lies the problem. Not everyone claiming the title of preacher or teacher has been "called" to preach or teach. In fact, most popular so-called preachers and teachers are false teachers. Not called of God, but of the devil. Our Book also tells us there would be false prophets, and teachers. They share a false doctrine. They teach, and I use that loosely, concepts that are not Biblical. They misuse scripture and take a verse completely out of context. I know once again, "what makes me right, or it is just another person's opinion." Did you read anything I have written? There is only one Truth. Everyone cannot be right. Why would anyone take the word of the "popular" over a scholar; (logical fallacy) but making a point.

The point being...we are only trying to help! Instead of getting mad, or the dreaded and mature "unfriending" us on Facebook, please consider that we have went to school because we care. We care that you are being led down a false path of destruction. We care that the lost think you have not a clue because you cannot answer why you believe. We care because God has called us to correct and rebuke. That is in the Book you know. WE care and are supposed to call out false teachers. WE care because we love you. We love God and spend our time reading and studying to be able to share the Truth. Not to be know it all’s, but to help. God has chosen to share the Truth through evidence, reason, our Book and what is referred to as general revelation. We are open to listen and change our minds. But, we are not guided by emotions. We are not guided by "popular". We are guided by the Holy Spirit to strengthen the follower and reach the lost. Will you join us? Will you take the time to listen? Will you stop getting angry when we share, correct and rebuke? Will you understand we are only trying to help? If not, please help me understand…

John Mays is the Regional Director for the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He is also the Chapter Director at Marshall University. Contact: