Have you ever been in one of those situations that you weren't sure whether to say what you were thinking or to just keep it to yourself? I am sure most of us have. I seem to struggle with this problem. Why? Well, for one reason I think the truth is always the best answer., Yes, I know, it may hurt some ones feelings. I never mean to hurt feelings, but I have always been taught honesty is the best policy. I guess that only applies when honesty doesn't offend someone. Here in lies part of my problem. I can't seem to grasp why truth and honesty doesn't always apply. So why is saying the right thing a problem? I am glad you ask.

The Bible states the tongue is evil and cannot be controlled, (James 3:8). I am confident that is not exactly the context that I am writing about, but many may use it, as they do other verses, out of context, to make a point. Let me give you some examples of what I actually mean.

I frequently speak to large groups of people. In my job as an apologist I attempt to share and defend the Truth of Christianity. I share parts of my testimony, sometimes, I give examples of false teaching, I attempt to reach my audience in a way that is engaging and that they will remember. More often than not I am typically told I do a good job. BUT I should have possibly not been so blunt, or honest. Especially if it is my first time speaking to a particular group. I have been told I should wait until they get to know me and my personality. Hmm? So saying the right thing then becomes questionable, at least in my mind. If what I am saying is truth, and I obviously believe it is, I can't seem to grasp to whom, when, or where the appropriate time is to share. I think there is no time like the present, typically because what I am sharing is the Truth of Christianity. What if I wait and don't have another chance?

You see, God has put me in what I feel is a unique position. Apologetics, according to Dr. William Lane Craig, can change our culture, strengthen the believer, and help reach the lost. In my particular situation, I spend the majority of my time attempting to strengthening the believer. I write attempting because it seems the majority aren't interested. Anyway, back to my examples I promised previously.

I recently spoke at a church and during the presentation I mentioned Joel Osteen and Beth Moore. Neither was in a positive fashion. But nor were they bashing statements. I pointed out what most know about Joel; that he preaches a false gospel and that is why so many love him. As for Beth, well according to her own statements, she is receiving "new revelations" from God, which isn't Biblical, and that was all that I stated about her. Afterward, I was told, which isn't uncommon, that I should not have named names. Shocked, as usual, I always ask why. It is Biblical. Paul did it. We are to hold each other accountable, (1 Cor. 5:12), but it was one of those times that I I didn't say the right thing. Really? If my brothers and sisters in Christ are following or listening to false teachers I shouldn't tell them?

Family. Oh my goodness. This is possibly worse than speaking to a group. I have family that follow the dreaded prosperity gospel, others that profess salvation and have no idea why, that listen and follow anyone that remotely sounds Biblical and my parents both attend dead churches. Yes, I am going to get in trouble for those statements. But they are true. Do I not share the truth with my own family? Um, no! But why? Well, that is the problem. I don't know.

Other brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a strange group. I do not mean that to sound harsh or mean, but knowing what to say around my church family is like walking on egg shells as some say. It would seem, if truth/Truth is objective one could state any given fact and not hurt some ones feeling or upset them. In my experience this is not the case. Yes, I know there have been disagreements since Jesus. But on the essentials, scripture out of context, false teachers, abortion, same sex marriage, well you get the point, one would think, if we all believe in the same God as we so profess to believe, then why the problem.

Well, guess what? I d know the problem. As do you and anyone else reading this. The question is, will you join me? Will you help fix the problem? We all cannot be right. We may all very well be wrong. Will you take the time to find out?