If those that have never heard the gospel get a free pass to heaven, why would we ever send missionaries to convict them to hell?

What about babies? If we are all born with a sin nature would it not follow babies that die, go to hell? If so, why not kill all babies? Seriously, babies are evil… have you ever left a 2-year-old alone? Okay, so we kill all two-year old’s and younger. That doesn’t seem right. What would be a fair age to stop killing babies? My eldest is 30. If we need to eliminate people, need being the key word, why not the older people that have lived life?

Or, if God is so loving, how could he send people to hell?

Well, if nothing else, prayerfully, I may have at least gotten your attention…

Anyway, it does not seem most people think, or consider, three common objections to God? Those who have never heard the gospel, abortion, and of course, if God is a loving God, and He is, why would hell be a suitable punishment? That depends, if you are a Christian, you need an answer, (1 Peter 3:15), yet that is not the big problem. Christians claim Jesus is the only way to salvation. Here in lies the problem.
I know, all religions claim they are right, well they aren’t, so there’s that. Thus, another reason we as Christians need to have an answer. Why are we right and everyone else wrong…?

I plan to address that, or something along those lines next week.

So, what about those that have never heard the gospel? As I said, is it logical they get a free pass to heaven? If not, would it be fair to just to send them to hell? Maybe, maybe not? Greg Koukl states no one goes to hell because he never heard of Jesus, and no one goes to hell because he did not believe in Jesus. Listen to the last part, no one goes to hell because he did not’t believe in Jesus!

What, say it ain't’t so! As I have stated so many times, most believe in Jesus, including Satan…That is not the problem!

You see God only punishes the guilty and we are all guilty. This is one of the reasons I have also repeated there is so much more to Christianity than a simple I believe so I’m good!

If you have been around me, listened or read anything from me, you have also heard me say the gospel is offensive, well, here is the offensive part, people are lost and in need of a savior, that being Jesus, He is the only way, and, in the end, we will be judged. Thus many, in fact I personally think a lot more than most believe, will go to hell.

I am not saying God is evil or mean, He is just and fair. He will not send anyone to hell that is innocent…This is why Christ died and grace is a free gift. Unfortunately, people do not want or seek God. Sadly, many think the world would be better off without Him.

Anyway, people go to hell for not obeying God’s moral law. We, everyone, even those that have never heard the gospel are aware of God and the moral law. And, though no one seeks God, He will make the gospel available to those that will respond. Meaning, no one will be without excuse. (see Romans chapter 1)

If we look back at history Thomas, yes, that Thomas, the doubting one, took the gospel to India in AD 52, There are Christian tombstones in China dated no later than AD 86 both according to Clay Jones from his book Why does God allow evil. Basically, the gospel has been spread throughout much of the world. Romans 1, again, tells us all know but suppress the truth. The Word, literally, is being spread, but people are also being killed. Some cultures kill the messengers. However, God will make sure that those who would repent will have the opportunity.

The point being, those who argue what about those that have never heard simply want to argue. I have given you a basic overview to the answer. The Bible makes it clear in many places. But, and this is a big but, if one does not’t believe your book, we must make the case for its reliability. Remember a cumulative case built on circumstantial evidence.

Oh yeah, the babies, they go straight to hell…

If nothing else I have your attention again.

Babies, I want to do a podcast soon on abortion. This is not’t the time but, as with those that have never heard, do we really think God would allow babies to go to hell. As I said, if that were the case we could just kill babies to make sure they go to heaven. See why I am going to do a show on abortion.

There is no age of accountability. That seems to be a popular answer. Yet, the simple answer, when a child has the ability to know, and understand, right from wrong. This will differ depending on the child. Although, when David’s son died he was comforted when he stated he would see him again. Yes, the Old Testament David.

You see, if we simply take the time to listen, most objections to Christianity can be answered directly from our Bible. Here is the problem. We must know what our book states, and if it is not believed, we must be able to show why it is reliable. Christianity is true, based on a cumulative case of circumstantial evidence. Those that have never heard the gospel will be given the opportunity. Babies must be able to understand right from wrong. And God, is a loving God. He is just and fair. Sadly, many may very well go straight to hell...


John Mays is the Regional Director for the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He is also the Chapter Director at Marshall University. Contact him at johnmays@ratiochristi.org