We have all heard the saying opinions are like, fill in the blank, everybody has one. And I guess for the most part I would agree. However, facts and opinions are two different things. What? Say it ain’t so! Yes, just as one may believe whatever they so desire to believe it does not make such a belief true. So what does this mean to you? I am glad you ask!
Though many may argue otherwise, truth is objective. Meaning, if something is true, it is true for all people, at all times, and in all places. Truth does not, and cannot change from person to person. If so, then it would be subjective, or basically an opinion or belief. A term many refer to as relativism. But that isn’t the point.

Have you ever heard an objection to the Bible that goes something like, “well, that is just your interpretation” or “well, that is just another man’s opinion”? I would assume you have, unless you don’t have conversations about the Bible. Here in lies the point. Though many may interpret the Bible differently, ultimately there can only be one correct interpretation. Now everyone may very well be wrong, but if not, only one can be right. And, of course, most everyone does think they are right. Here is the problem, they aren’t.
This is one of the many reasons there are so many denominations in Christianity. Everyone has an opinion on what they think a particular verse may mean, whether true or not, and believe, teach and preach said verse as truth. Sadly, if corrected, as brothers and sisters in Christ, are instructed to do; those holding to said verse become angry. Typically this is when you will hear the previously stated objections. But think about it. Does it even make sense that all of these interpretations could possibly be correct? Somebody is wrong!
Basically it doesn’t matter what a particular verse means to you. It doesn’t matter how it makes you feel. What matters is what the verse actually means in context. Not another man’s opinion. But the writers intent when it was being written. You cannot do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Where two or more are gathered in His name has no bearing on what I guess would be a majority in Him changing His mind. Now He does know the plans He has for you; but He does not promise to prosper you. I could go on and on. Sorry, each of the previous three sentences are scripture taken out of context for those that may not know. But then, those that do know are normally using them out of context.
So how do we know who is right? Well, no one is completely right. But there are many that are more right than others. You don’t find them on television. They aren’t asking for you to sow a seed. They aren’t promising that life is lollipops and Ferris wheels. No, they are in universities and churches that require the pastor to have an education. They are writing books. And guess what, their books have their credentials on why they may actually be right. Albeit, some have an education, used loosely, from RHEMA, Life University and other nonsensical “schools”.
The point being, Christianity is hard. But the more you know and understand the truth/Truth, the more you are following God’s will AND the first and greatest commandment of loving God with all of your heart soul and MIND. It will not always make you feel good. It will not always mean what you have been told it means. But please, instead of getting upset or angry with someone trying to help, study. Read scholars writings instead of devotionals and feel good Jesus books. Find a church that the pastor has been to seminary. Yes, I know the apostles didn’t go to school. They simply learned from the master teacher, try again.
God promises us eternal life, trials, tribulations, and to be hated by the world. Search for the truth/Truth and accept that you may be wrong. Do you love God as much as you say? Then what does that mean to you?