How do we stop youth from leaving the faith?

Current methods aren’t working. 75% of Christian teens leave their faith when they attend college. College students are bombarded with competing worldviews. Professors are challenging their faith.

Defend the faith at the college campus.

Ratio Christi is the leading apologetics evangelism ministry on college campuses across the world. Our university chapters share the Gospel with students, professors, and staff. We train students to stay firm in their faith despite challenges. We defend Christianity against attacks.

What does that look like?

Our campus ministry teams are specially trained to combat the objections that are pulling Christian youth away from the Church.

Evangelism. We are evangelistic at heart. Our goal is to share the Gospel on every college campus.

Training. Our campus teams train Christian students to answer the objections that they hear.

Debate. If needed, we will fight against the world views that oppose Christianity and actively fight to pull Christians away.

Fellowship. We’re just as quick to give a hug as we are to give an argument.

“Ratio Christi has helped me learn about the reasons why the Christian worldview stands head and shoulders above the rest.”

Matt at UC Irvine


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