Of Students Leave Faith Behind During College

Ratio Christi training can help your student beat the odds.

The Problem

High school students today are inundated with information and ideas, many of which are contrary to sound Biblical principles. Research shows that nearly 95% of teens in America have access to a smartphone, meaning that the objections and challenges against Christianity they encounter are easier to find and more sophisticated than ever before.* Not only does this leave students vulnerable to influence from dangerous ideas, but it also makes it increasingly difficult for students to know what is true, let alone know how to actively and winsomely share their faith with others.

*McDowell and Wallace, So the Next Generation Will Know

RCCP High School Chapters

The Solution

Ratio Christi College Prep (RCCP) chapters are an ideal place for high school students to learn how to navigate all the information they encounter from a Biblical worldview. They will discover the historical, scientific, and philosophical evidence for Christianity; be equipped to effectively respond to questions about and objections to the claims of Christianity; and become confident ambassadors of Christ. Through intentional engagement with the biggest questions of life

  • Where did we come from?
  • Why is there so much evil in the world?
  • Am I valuable?
  • Can I really trust the Bible?

students are equipped to stand for truth and change the culture for Christ.