Professor Ministry

Professors are the leaders of the next generation. Reach them with Ratio Christi training and professor evangelism.


Influencing the influencers

Professors hold a strategically significant position in society. They shape the ideas of entire generations, but they have been largely abandoned by the Church. Ratio Christi brings the Gospel to the professor through apologetics. Our campus missionaries are specially trained to share the Gospel with these intellectual heavyweights.


Training missional professors

The university is the single most influential institution in western culture. While professors make up a small fraction of Americans, they possess a disproportionate influence on culture given their authoritative role in the highest halls of education. Ratio Christi trains Christian professors to share their faith with others at the university. We offer training, mentorship, and a network for missional professors.

“Thank you so much. I gained my faith back after the first lecture. Three days ago, everybody made me feel stupid for believing in God ever since I got here. Simply seeing a Christian with big faith boosted up my own faith.”

Freshman at The Ohio State University

“Ratio Christi helped me conquer my doubts and fall even more in love with the Word. All the aspects we discuss, from history to logic to philosophy, are fascinating and equip us to defend our faith in an ever-more hostile and confused environment.”

Monica, University of California, Irvine