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The NC State Ratio Christi Club is directed by Curtis Hrischuk (Chapter Director). Ratio Christi at North Carolina State University exists for three main reasons: (1) To strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty by equipping them to give reasons and evidence for their beliefs, (2) To offer skeptics/agnostics/atheists answers to their objections to the truth claims of Christianity, (3) To host campus wide events featuring Christian thinkers/apologists/scientists/philosophers in lectures/debate/discussions. Our aim is to represent the intellectual viability of the Christian worldview. Please join us.

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  • Debate: God & Morality; What is the best account of objective moral values and duties?

    Our culture is constantly pushing back against traditional Christian morals and values, and evermore so today. More and more people are wondering how the God of the Bible could exist given the amount of evil in the world, or that the Bible appears to endorse slavery and the oppression of women. Of course, underlying all of these questions is whether God is even necessary for us to derive our morals from. If you are wrestling with these questions, and would like solid answers, the NC State S...   More

    Posted On: Feb 01, 2018

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