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The ARTiFACT Encounter World Permier Exhibit

Date: Dec. 07, 2017 - Dec. 09, 2017

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Rare biblical manuscripts, authentic archeological artifacts, and museum-quality replicas mix with unique art forms to tell the history of those who lived and died for the Scriptures, preserving them with passion and precision. Uniting the heart (through the arts) and the mind (through facts), ARTiFACT offers contemplative talks from renowned Jewish and Christian experts. ARTiFACT Foundation events such as this one will feature specialized training in contemporary apologetics and expert techniques for engaging the culture. A smart phone app will be available to answer 98% of all skeptics' questions. This exhibit will integrate archaeological and historical details, including contemporary artifacts, placing Biblical manuscripts in their actual historical context to establish them as authentic records of history, thereby bolstering confidence in the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible as a book of real history.

The historical evidence provided through this artifact exhibit will serve as a bridge to apologetic discussions of the evidence for knowledge-based worldview truth claims (such as those revealed in the Bible), evidence that is both testable and verifiable. Uniting the heart (through the arts) and the mind (through apologetics), the Artifact Foundation celebrates the “arts & facts” of history, showing how the latest scientific discoveries align with ancient truths of the Bible, while highlighting rational thought and philosophical wisdom of Scripture.

In an era where meaninglessness and hopelessness are destroying society, the Artifact Foundation invites you to examine the evidence yourself. Join us for these free events, open to the general public, as we tear down the barriers erected against the truth of God, restore purpose and meaning to life, and remake a culture that glorifies God.

Visit the website for the full schedule of speakers and events to include apologists like Josh McDowell, Hugh Ross, Gary Habermas, and Frank Turek. To learn more about The ARTiFACT Foundation, view this video.

Ratio Christi is proud to partner with the ARTiFACT Foundation which exists to support and promote the three highest metaphysical pursuits of life: Truth, Beauty and Goodness, in order to inspire a world-wide reformation in wholesome culture, using fact-based reasoning, to discover life-changinganswers to humanity’s most basic and foundational questions.

Additional Details

Thursday, 10:00 to 4:00; Friday and Saturday, 10:00 to 8:00.
Location Name:
Charleston Gaillard Center
95 Calhoun Street

Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Admission Details:
No entrance fee.
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