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  • News of newly formed RC chapter published in City's Newspaper

    A September 4, 2017 very positive newspaper article was published in The Daily Nebraskan regarding the beginning of our new chapter at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Chapter Director Adam Johnson was interviewed regarding the purpose of Ratio Christi and the focus on apologetics as "intellectual faith."

  • RC President explains "Cultural Marxism" on "Janet Mefferd Today" Program

    What is "Cultural Marxism," and what is this idea exposing our millenial generation to? Corey Miller, RC's president, explains the educational, societal, spiritual and philosophical impact of Cultural Marxism on streaming radio with host Janet Mefferd on "Janet Mefferd Today." The podcast can be heard here by selecting 8/29/17. Mefferd hosts two nationally syndicated daily Christian talk shows: Janet Mefferd Today and Janet Mefferd Live (on American Family Radio), with a combined reach of more than 350 radio stations nationwide. A former news and religion reporter and editor for newspapers including The Dallas Morning News and the Daily Herald, Janet also has more than 25 years of Christian broadcasting experience. 

  • Six RC People Interviewed on one Streaming Radio Program, "iWork4Him"

    Six representatives of Ratio Christi were interviewed in a live radio and streaming internet program with the ministry "iWork4Him" on August 25, 2017. This included students, chapter directors, and members of our national staff, who all came on the air to explain what we do at Ratio Christi, why we do it, and the influence it is having in peoples' lives and on campuses across the country. Hosts Jim and Martha Brangenberg invited us on to their show, which explores topics to encourage people to look at their workplace as a mission field. Institutions of education are our mission field. The podcast can now be heard here.

    The Mission of iWork4Him is to be involved in purposefully equipping vibrantly effective Christ followers in the workplace. They broadcast out of WTBN in Tampa Bay, 570 AM and 910 AM. Follow "iWork4Him" on Facebook and Twitter.

  • RC at U of Tennessee Knoxville Event promoted in Local Newspaper

    An August 18, 2017 event led by our RC chapter at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville was promoted in a nice article in the Blount County newspaper, The Daily Times. Chapter Director Anna Rose Kitko would speak about "Defending the Faith" at the Blount County Library.

  • Local Newspaper Pays Tribute to RC's first President & CEO, the late Rick Schenker

    Ratio Christi is joining in sympathy to the family of our first President and CEO Rick Schenker, who lost his valiantly fought battle with leukemia and subsequent complications on Thursday, August 10, 2017. His local Erie, Pennsylvania newspaper carried an article about him for his years of service to Erie County in several positions. Also mentioned is Rick's formidable presidency with RC. We extend our thoughts and blessings to his wife Terry and daughter Ashley.

  • RC's 'Truth Matters' Host Gets "Rave" Review in California Newspaper

    Tony Gurule, host of our television show 'Truth Matters,' received a mention in the August 4, 2017 "Rave" news section of the Madera Tribune in Madera California, for his recent presentation on Sharia (Islamic Law). Due to his desire to reach Muslims with the gospel and to help equip others to do the same, Gurule is an avid student of Islam - its history, theology, and politcal system - and speaks on the topic often, in-person in many venues, as well as on the two weekly shows he hosts for ABN's, Trinity Channel: "Colliding Worldviews" and 'Islam & The News.' This presentation was given at a meeting of the Madera Republican Women Federated. The newspaper also gave the link to the RC website.

  • RC Director of Boosters, Prayer, and Women's Outreach on StoryWave Streaming Radio Program

    RC's Director of Boosters, Prayer, and Women's Outreach Julie Loos was interviewed on the "StoryWave" streaming radio program with host Nancy Wilson. The topic of the June 2017 program was "Impacting & Equipping a Strategic Generation" - how we can strengthen today's youth for the colliding of many worldviews they face in their educational years. Hear the mp3 here at the RC website, during which Julie joins the show at about the 8-minute mark. This program can also be found at the ArtistFirst Radio Network by scrolling down to June 28, 2017 with the program title above. Nancy Wilson serves as Global Ambassador with StoryRunners, a mission of Cru to unreached people groups.

  • RC Journalism Intern's Article Published at

    Our Journalism intern and RC College Prep alumnus, Jenna Shackelford, wrote an article about music star Katy Perry's unfortunate mistrust of her Christian upbringing. This article was published in mid-June 2017 at, a popular online magazine. In this piece, Shackelford issues a plea for church leadership and all Christians to recognize the need for apologetics, to bring reasoning into partnership with our heart-felt faith, and have solid answers for young people asking questions. is a conservative publication featuring cultural and faith-based issues, and current news topics.

  • Extensive Interview with RC President on A Clear Lens Apologetics

    A June 2017 Interview with RC President Corey Miller on A Clear Lens Apologetics, Theology and Worldview website covers RC's "Special Ops," our high school division, liberalism on campus, and how we function within academia. Miller also discusses his upcoming Ex-Mormon book. He comes onto this Podcast at the 27:15 minutes mark. A Clear Lens has also just come out with a subscriber series, "Quick Tips for Tough Questions."

  • RC National Trainer interviewed regarding Torah Scroll Event

    Our National Trainer Tony Feiger was interviewed on WLJN Radio in Traverse City, MI., about Ratio Christi's mission and also a June 3, 2017 event he hosted with one of our historic Torah Scrolls on display. Feiger had the chance to explain, with host Pete Lathrop, what the historic significance of the scroll is, and how RC helps students navigate more depth in their faith. 

  • RC Chapter Director Appears for Three Sundays on "Today with Christ"

    We sent Ratio Christi's chapter director at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Anna Rose Kitko, to do an in-studio interview for "Today with Christ" which is recorded in Newport, near Knoxville. Hosts Don Smith and Scott L. Ingram were so interested in Anna's information about RC and today's intolerance toward Christianity on campus that they did an extended interview with her, and it was broadcast in segments over three Sunday nights in May and June 2017 in the Arkansas-Tennessee listening area. Each segment is now coming up on their YouTube page. Here is the first, with Kitko being introduced after the show's brief opening segment.

    Here is the second installment: "Apologetis without Apology" 

    Third installment: (Kitko comes on at about 12:30 minutes): "YOU are an Evangelist"  

    Today with Christ is a contemporary division of the well-known Radio Bible Hour, on the air since 1935. 

  • RC student's article published in School Newspaper

    A student at our University of Tennessee Knoxville chapter wrote an article about Ratio Christi which was included in the school's faith-based newspaper, "Campus Corner," May 2017 issue. See Jordan Andershock's full piece as printed. Andershock served as the RC chapter's 2016-2017 President.

  • Our Visit to Dudley, Mass. with a Historic Scroll Makes Newspaper

    The appearance of RC's donated historic Yemeni Old Testament Scroll at Nichols College in Dudley, MA. was reported and photographed in the city's Webster Times from Stonebridge Press. Richard Miller, an adjunct professor at the college, is also the RC chapter director there. He stated for the newspaper, “This organization’s goals are really about God and his people and his word and how we can still rely on it today." See the article, "Nichols plays host to centuries old torah scroll," by scrolling to page 17 of the publication, or the article can be read in full from its photo at RC's news page on Facebook

  • Ratio Christi's Mission Spelled Out at 'A Clear Lens' website

    "A Clear Lens" Theology, Worldview, and Apologetics website published an article about Ratio Christi on April 21, 2017. "A Clear Lens" is a vital ministry and website which covers interviews, news, and podcasts about culture, theology and issues affecting the Christian worldview. They accepted this report, written by our Media Outreach Coordinator, to let their readership know about the overall vision and purpose of RC, and the various divisions we now encompass. While at their website, please check out other articles, podcasts and Tabs. We are grateful for their interest.

  • RC President interviewed on Moody Radio's "In the Market" with Janet Parshall

    Our president Dr. Corey Miller introduced the ministry and mission of Ratio Christi to Janet Parshall's audience on her nationally syndicated Moody Radio program. "In the Market" is one of Moody's long-running daily anchor shows and we are grateful for this opportunity to be heard across approximately 350 stations. The March 23, 2017 podcast can be heard here, with Miller coming on in the ninth minute for 20 minutes, and followed by actor Kevin Sorbo who now makes Christian-based films.

  • School Newspaper reports new Ratio Christi Chapter formed by Students

    Troy University's Tropolitan carried an article about the formation of a Ratio Christi chapter at the school. The article explains students have been wanting an organization that helps them blend faith with intellectual reason, according to scripture which tells us to love the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul. The newspaper announced the school's formal recognition of the chapter in early March, 2017.

  • RC at Appalachian State gets Great Press from Local Newspaper

    Our chapter director at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, Greg Walker, was contacted by a local newspaper, Watauga Democrat. The reporter wanted to interview him about RC's intent on campus. With many secular outlets refusing honest coverage of conservative campus organizatons, we are pleased to say this February 19, 2017 interview turned out exceptionally well. We thank reporter Thomas Sherrill for honest, forthright and unbiased coverage and chapter director Walker for his courage. See it online here: "Defending the faith: Ratio Christi brings Christian discussion to ASU."

  • "College Fix" Newspaper mentions Ratio Christi concerning Cultural Issue

    Ratio Christi was mentioned in a February 2017 article by the "College Fix" online newspaper along with other Christian/conservative organizations advocating for free speech in the debate about legalizing marijuana. Ratio Christi does not agree with legalizing marijuana. However, we do advocate for students to have free speech on campus, and in doing so must not favor only Christian free speech, but freedom of speech for students on all issues. A group of students wanted to produce pro-marijuana t-shirts including the school's logo and were stopped by the school administration. We, along with the other conservative groups mentioned, understand the threat to our own interests if a university is allowed to single out and stop a student group from expressing its viewpoints.

  • RC President Records Radio Spot for Collegiate Day of Prayer

    For the February 23, 2017 Collegiate Day of Prayer, RC President Corey Miller was invited to record a radio spot promoting the importance of praying for students and colleges, but was allowed to include information about Ratio Christi. The mp3 can be heard here at the RC website. The Collegiate Day of Prayer is a nationwide call to pray for college students and the environment at colleges and universities today. The website link allows people to "adopt a college" and instructs us as to what to pray specifically. 

  • RC Regional Director Interviewed for Article on Darwin's Theory

    Reporter Tyler O'Neil of PJ Media sourced us to see if we had any experts on Darwinian Theory, and we suggested he interview RC's Regional Director in Washington State, Timothy Foutz. O'Neil quoted Foutz several times in the resulting online news digest article, among several other well-known Christian theorists on evolution. Read "Darwin's Legacy: Anti-Science, Anti-God, Anti-Compassion," published the day before "National Darwin Day," February 12, 2017.