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  • Christian Post: Christian Apologetics Student Group Gains Ground at Universities

    On February 23, 2012 the Christian Post ran an article highlighting Ratio Christi's work on campus's.

  • Taking on the Spaghetti Monster: Ratio Christi (BreakPoint Commentary by Chuck Colson)

    In this commentary Chuck Colson talks about the upcoming Reason Rally in Washingont D.C., the compelling reason behind Christianity, and how Ratio Christi is helping in that effort in the University.

    Folks, do your college kids know that when it comes to faith, reason is on their side? ~Chuck Colson

    Listen to audio here

  • RC on Stand to Reason Radio

    On Sunday January 8, 2012 between 2 - 5 pm PT (5 - 8 pm EST) guest host J. Warner Wallace discussed Ratio Christi's strategy to impact university campuses for God's Kingdom with Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi. 

    Listen here  RC Interview starts at 1:54:09 into the podcast.

  • Focus on the Family's TrueU mentions Ratio Christi

    TrueU's article titled "The Three Columns of the Christian Apologetics Movement" (referenencing Greg Koukl's article) describes Ratio Christi as 

    Ratio Christi as a movement that strategically connects “second-column speakers and organizations [including curriculum like TrueU] to third-column groups on campuses and in churches around the country.”  There is no other organization with a university-focus that has this comprehensive cooperative apologetic outcome in view, and TrueU is one of the best curricular partners of Ratio Christi.  Greg Koukl understands this and thus lists Ratio Christi and Stephen Meyer (best accessed through TrueU) as strategic partners in Christian apologetics today.

  • RC President Interviewed by has just posted an extensive interview with Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi. Blog provides a broader cultural commentary on the state of contemporary education. In so doing, it complements the main portion of the BestSchools site, which is dedicated to helping students find the right schools and degree programs to meet their educational goals.

    In the interview, a wide range of topics concerning Ratio Christi are raised from its history, to future goals, to academic approach, to how it fits in with the wider resurgence of apologetics. Also discussed are how RC works with other campus ministries and the challenges of working in a secular environment.

    Read the entire interview.

  • Interview: Rick Schenker From Ratio Christi

    Today's interview is with Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi, a Student Apologetics Alliance that strengthens the faith of Christian students at secular institutions across the country. He talks about their initiative to start 500 apologetics chapters in the next five years. If you are an apologist, please listen to this interview and see how you can get involved. Learn about Ratio Christi. Adopt a college. Apologists are needed.

    Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (36 min)

  • An Open Letter to University of Georgia Former Atheist Rich Suplita: Consider TrueU and Ratio Christ

    October 20, 2011

    Focus on the Family's college ministry, TrueU, writes about Ratio Christi in the context of a dramatic conversion to Christ by University of Georgia psychology professor, Rich Suplita.

    Read article here.

  • RC Mentioned in Billy Graham Magazine

    In the unexpected providence of God, Ratio Christi was mentioned this month [May 2011] in one of Christianity’s most widely circulated publications. Decision Magazine, published by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, interviewed three experts in missions and evangelism.  One of the questions asked of these experts was
    Question:  What exciting trends are you seeing in missions and evangelism?
    Answer:  One thing we are seeing is a movement called Ratio Christi, which is an apologetics ministry on campuses across the country, from Ohio State to the West Coast. It’s an apologetics approach to defending the faith in an atheistic culture on secular campuses. 
    President of Ratio Christi, Rick Schenker said, “Can you see the hand of God at work here?  Ratio Christi is a very new organization, we have grown by 300% in just the last 90 days, and now we have been mentioned in one of the most influential magazines in Christianity. It ist extremely exciting to see the sovereign hand of God on a movement that we hope will participate in ushering in the ‘age of the apologist.’” 
    The Ratio Christi staff would like to say thank you to the staff of Decision Magazine, and to Dr. Wayne Detzler, Dean at Southern Evangelical Seminary, for mentioning Ratio Christi.  To read the entire Decision Magazine article click here. (Digital copy—click on PREVIEW)

  • Stand to Reason Blog: Ratio Christi Apologetics Clubs

    May 18, 2011 on Stand to Reason Blog

    How are you putting your apologetics knowledge to work? So many people are training themselves in apologetics through their own research or by attending universities like Biola or Southern Evangelical Seminary for apologetics degrees. They do this on the side because they love it, not yet knowing how the degree will be used.

    If you’re one of these people, you should look into Ratio Christi, a fairly new apologetics organization that is seeking to change the intellectual atmosphere at universities by bringing Christianity into public, academic discussion. Their goal is to start on-campus apologetics clubs at 500 universities in the next five years. This is where you come in--because it’s also Ratio Christi’s goal to connect each of these clubs with a person who has been trained in apologetics (but who probably has a different day job) to act as chapter director.

    Ratio Christi helps each chapter organize one or two campus-wide events a year by connecting them with speakers and debaters like William Lane Craig and Gary Habermas, helping them find the funding, etc. But after the event has come and gone, the lay apologist is still there to lead discussions and interact with the Christians, skeptics, atheists, and seekers who may never have...

    read entire blog

  • Boots on the Ground: Speaking Truth on the NC State Campus

    August 2010

    A partnership between Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Ratio Christi is highlighted in an article from the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture on the SEBTS website.

  • Dr. Gary Habermas at NC State:

    February 9, 2010 by

    Lecture reasons with near-death experiences

    Dr. Gary Habermas details evidence-based cases with religious twist

    One of Wither's lecture halls was filled Monday night 7 p.m. with people ready to hear from Dr. Gary Habermas, a philosophy professor at Liberty University, on the subject of near-death experiences and the afterlife.

    The event, hosted by Ratio Christi Apologetics and Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, was intended to answer some tough questions about people who claim to have had an out-of-body experience while they were proclaimed clinically dead.

    Read entire article