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  • RC's Director of Marketing, Outreach on "Stand Up for the Truth" and "Connecting Faith" Radio

    RC's Director of Marketing and Outreach, Julie D. Loos, was interviewed March 5, 2018 on "Stand Up for the Truth" streaming internet radio (also heard on Q90 FM radio in Wisconsin) on "Young People Abandoning the Christian Faith" and how RC apologetics can help Millennials and "Gen Z" through its use in churches and by parents with their kids. Julie gives many startling statistics about where our youth are with the Christian faith, for example only six percent actually have a biblical worldview. This podcast with host Mike LeMay is worth hearing.

    Within a week, Julie had the opportunity to give this information out again on a new Faith Radio Network program, "Connecting Faith" with Carmen LaBerge. Hear this one.

  • PJ Media Covers Ratio Christi Case in Article about Universities' Free Speech Double Standards

    A February 26, 2018 article at the online publication PJ Media covers legal action taken by our chapter at Kennesaw State University for ongoing free speech discrimination. Associate Editor Tyler O'Neil gives a detailed history of university administrators' discriminatory actions toward Christian and conservative campus groups holding events, where they are either relegated to tiny undesirable locations at the school, or forced to cancel completely.  

  • Ratio Christi Event at Appalachian State University draws Controversy and Media attention

    A February 13, 2018 event sponsored by Ratio Christi at ASU had promised to be very controversial, with posters and meetings protesting the Christian conservative speaker, Dr. Michael Brown. But the event went ahead without incident, and the resulting school newspaper article in The Appalachian was quite positive. in fact, the news interview even yielded a positive comment from a student leader who disagreed with the speaker's worldview, stating that regardless, Brown had the right to speak. Chapter Director Greg Walker is also quoted in the article. ASU was the first university at which RC had a formal chapter, and it is still going strong.

  • Media Interviews continue for RC President's New Co-Authored Book "Leaving Mormonism"

    Does the LDS church represent biblical Christianity? The question has enchanted more than a few radio hosts and their audiences. So they have been coming to the source -- our president Corey Miller who was a sixth generation Mormon when he decided to embrace biblical Christianity and Jesus as Savior! Dr. Miller's new co-authored book, Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds was publicly released on November 28, 2017. The latest interviews have been:

    As of January 2018, Southwest Radio Ministries is now carying two podcast interviews on their website with Corey and his co-author Lynn Wilder, who spoke on their "Watchmen on the Wall" programming, heard all over the U.S.

    Reason for Truth Apologetics ministry with host Steven Garofalo, interview with Corey and co-author Lynn Wilder. Hear this podcast at Reason for Truth, recorded in December 2017 and posted in Jauary 2018.

    Popular nationally syndicated talk show host Janet Mefferd spoke with Dr. Miller on her program, "Janet Mefferd Today," which can now be heard in her podcasts by selecting 12/5/17. Miller's family history as a sixth generation Mormon was explored, as well as the angle that Mormons are under extreme pressure to perform good works in order to achieve their salvation. This can lead to the over-use of depression and anxiety drugs among members of the LDS church.

    Shortly before the book's release date, he was interviewed by Pastor Mike Spaulding at Soaring Eagle Radio in this podcast which can be heard anytime. Dr. Spaulding, also senior pastor at Calvary Chapel in Lima, Ohio, has a background in apologetics. Spaulding and Miller explored how the book's four authors came together and wrote chapters in the book about their different experiences in how they discovered Christ. 

    (Janet Mefferd and Pastor Spaulding have both previously interviewed Dr. Miller and other representatives of Ratio Christi before about our ministry, and we are grateful for their interest.) 

    Dr. Miller also participated in a debate-style interview with his co-editor/co-author Lynn Wilder, also an ex-Mormon, on "Unbelievable," a popular streaming Premier Christian Radio program out of the United Kingdom, with host Justin Brierley and a current Mormon. This 11/25/17 podcast is available here. Brierley is author of the book Unbelievable

  • "Equipped" on Moody Radio Features RC President's Upcoming Co-Authored Book

    RC president Corey Miller spoke with "Equipped" host Chris Brooks on national Moody Radio about Miller's new co-authored book Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds.  The interview includes Miller's testimony as a former sixth generation Mormon who has embraced biblical Christianity and Jesus as Lord. The entire November 17, 2017 broadcast is available for listening here at the "Equipped" web page - Just click the orange "Listen" box - or hear it by going to this blog entry where we've loaded the program in its entirety with permission from Equipped. This being the third time Chris Brooks has hosted us, we extend many thanks to him and producer Deb Solomon for supporting Ratio Christi's mission and vision for their listening audience. Leaving Mormonism comes out on November 28 and can be ordered at Amazon.

  • News of One of RC's Historic Torah Scrolls Visiting Virginia makes City Newspaper and School Website

    The Sixteenth Century historic Old Testament scroll which was donated to us several years ago is still touring the country. This time, its appearance at Riverton United Methodist Church and several other locations in Front Royal, Virginia, was covered in the Royal Examiner Newspaper on November 9, 2017. Photos and data about the age of the Yemeni scroll and mention of Ratio Christi were also given.

    When the Scroll was taken to Boggs Chapel at Randolph-Macon Academy, it was then featured on the school's website with a link to learn more about Ratio Christi. RC reprentatives Trish and Eric Anderson did three presentations at this high school academy to the religion classes, and several visiting classes. Trish says, "They were very welcoming. Several international students from all faiths who live on campus."

  • RC Faculty Advisor's Seminar at Rutgers Covered by School Newspaper

    Western Michigan University's Philosophy Professor Dr. Timothy McGrew, who is the Ratio Christi chapter's faculty advisor at that school, spoke to Rutgers University students via Skype about how multiple recounts of the same biblical events support the belief that these events actually happened. The school newspaper, The Daily Targum, covered the November 8 session, reporting on both the topic and what Ratio Christi's mission and goals are. Rutgers' RC Chapter Director Julie Miller was well-quoted in the article.

  • Three Ratio Christi Representatives Interviewed on Modern-Day Reformation at PJ Media

    To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October 2017, the assistant editor at our conservative media partner, PJ Media, interviewed three RC representatives for a major article. "Recipe for a Modern Reformation? Return to Tradition, Pastor Says," appeared on the Faith page of the online magazine October 29. The major remarks in Assistant Editor Tyler O'Neil's interview were provided by our Director of RC College Prep, Michael C. Sherrard who is also senior pastor of Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree City Georgia, with Professors Tim McGrew and Matthew Young also adding information. McGrew is RC's faculty advisor to our chapter at Western Michigan University, and Young performs the advisory role with our chapter at University of Tennessee Knoxville. The article asks what it would take for a modern day reformation to take place.

  • Three Ratio Christi Staff Members Give Testimonies on "The Good Life Hawaii"

    Three of our Ratio Christi National Staff members were invited to give their individually unique testimonies, and what moved them to work with Ratio Christi, on "The Good Life Hawaii." Visit these links to hear three very different stories which were broadcast throughout October, 2017: Tony Gurule, expert on ISIS; Julie Loos, Prayer and Parenting; and Sheryl Young, Jewish believer in Jesus. 

  • RC President Talks about His Co-Authored Book "Leaving Mormonism" on 'Educate for Life' Radio

    On October 19, 2017 Dr. Corey Miller talked about his co-authored book coming out soon, Leaving Mormonism, Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds on the "Educate for Life" streaming radio program with host Kevin Conover. This book comes out on November 28, 2017. See our blog post about the book for how to order. "Educate for Life" is an apologetics program and host Kevin Conover has been a good partner in helping to promote the mission of Ratio Christi.

  • RC Leader: "Completely Lost" Interview about Millennials Grows into Multiple Interviews

    Ratio Christi's RC College Prep (high school) leader and church pastor Michael C. Sherrard was interviewed by writer/author Billy Hallowell of about the state of free speech on school campuses, the Christian faith, and feelings about God among college and high school students today. Sherrard stated that many "millennials" are completely disconnected from knowing God or why they should believe Christianity. They also discussed how Ratio Christi attempts to help high school students thrive in difficult circumstances and better prepare their hearts and minds before they enter into the university system. Hear the October 2017 podcast at SoundCloud. Billy Hallowell writes often at Faithwire which is an online conservative values publication dealing with politics, culture and faith. Hallowell also transferred this article to another of his writing venues - The 

    Once this interview was posted, many media outlets took an interest in this topic, eventually leading to Sherrard being asked to appear on FOX News' Fox & Friends Weekend (click the link to view the video clip). The end result was five or six interviews in various outlets for our Mike Sherrard, including interviews at PJ Media and Pilgrim Radio.

  • Book Interview with our President's Co-Author at A Clear Lens Apologetics

    Our President Corey Miller's co-editor and main co-author of the new book Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds is Dr Lynn Wilder. Our apologetics partner, A Clear Lens Theology, Worldview and Apologetics, completed an interview with Wilder on October 9. The podcast can now be heard here at A Clear Lens. See details about the book and how to order it in our recent blog post. We are thankful to A Clear Lens for their interest in this book by four ex-Mormons who have now embraced biblical Christianity and Jesus as their Messiah.

  • Ratio Christi Event at Winthrop University Gets Covered by School Newspaper

    An October 2017 event at Winthrop University, sponsored by the Ratio Christi chapter there, received coverage in the School Newspaper, The Johnsonian. The event featured author/apologist Frank Turek presenting evidence for Christ from his book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. The coverage was very positive, ending with the statement, "If atheists in the room didn’t have faith by the end of the event, at least they had the opportunity to see faith in the eyes of a theological professional." 

  • RC President interviewed on Moody Radio's "In the Market" with Janet Parshall

    Our Presdient Corey Miller made his second appearance on the nationally syndicated Moody Radio program "In the Market with Janet Parshall" on October 3, 2017. This time the interview was about his new book co-written with three other authors: Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds. The podcast can now be heard by clicking here and listening to Hour 2 of the broadcast. See details about Dr. Miller's book and how to order it in our recent blog post. Janet Parshall's program is one of the longest-running staple shows on Moody Radio, heard on over 350 stations and streaming on the internet. We thank her for her partnership and interest in RC.

  • News of newly formed RC chapter published in City's Newspaper

    A September 4, 2017 very positive newspaper article was published in The Daily Nebraskan regarding the beginning of our new chapter at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Chapter Director Adam Johnson was interviewed regarding the purpose of Ratio Christi and the focus on apologetics as "intellectual faith."

  • RC President explains "Cultural Marxism" on "Janet Mefferd Today" Program

    What is "Cultural Marxism," and what is this idea exposing our millenial generation to? Corey Miller, RC's president, explains the educational, societal, spiritual and philosophical impact of Cultural Marxism on streaming radio with host Janet Mefferd on "Janet Mefferd Today." The podcast can be heard here by selecting 8/29/17. Mefferd hosts two nationally syndicated daily Christian talk shows: Janet Mefferd Today and Janet Mefferd Live (on American Family Radio), with a combined reach of more than 350 radio stations nationwide. A former news and religion reporter and editor for newspapers including The Dallas Morning News and the Daily Herald, Janet also has more than 25 years of Christian broadcasting experience. 

  • Six RC People Interviewed on one Streaming Radio Program, "iWork4Him"

    Six representatives of Ratio Christi were interviewed in a live radio and streaming internet program with the ministry "iWork4Him" on August 25, 2017. This included students, chapter directors, and members of our national staff, who all came on the air to explain what we do at Ratio Christi, why we do it, and the influence it is having in peoples' lives and on campuses across the country. Hosts Jim and Martha Brangenberg invited us on to their show, which explores topics to encourage people to look at their workplace as a mission field. Institutions of education are our mission field. The podcast can now be heard here.

    The Mission of iWork4Him is to be involved in purposefully equipping vibrantly effective Christ followers in the workplace. They broadcast out of WTBN in Tampa Bay, 570 AM and 910 AM. Follow "iWork4Him" on Facebook and Twitter.

  • RC at U of Tennessee Knoxville Event promoted in Local Newspaper

    An August 18, 2017 event led by our RC chapter at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville was promoted in a nice article in the Blount County newspaper, The Daily Times. Chapter Director Anna Rose Kitko would speak about "Defending the Faith" at the Blount County Library.

  • Local Newspaper Pays Tribute to RC's first President & CEO, the late Rick Schenker

    Ratio Christi is joining in sympathy to the family of our first President and CEO Rick Schenker, who lost his valiantly fought battle with leukemia and subsequent complications on Thursday, August 10, 2017. His local Erie, Pennsylvania newspaper carried an article about him for his years of service to Erie County in several positions. Also mentioned is Rick's formidable presidency with RC. We extend our thoughts and blessings to his wife Terry and daughter Ashley.

  • RC's 'Truth Matters' Host Gets "Rave" Review in California Newspaper

    Tony Gurule, host of our television show 'Truth Matters,' received a mention in the August 4, 2017 "Rave" news section of the Madera Tribune in Madera California, for his recent presentation on Sharia (Islamic Law). Due to his desire to reach Muslims with the gospel and to help equip others to do the same, Gurule is an avid student of Islam - its history, theology, and politcal system - and speaks on the topic often, in-person in many venues, as well as on the two weekly shows he hosts for ABN's, Trinity Channel: "Colliding Worldviews" and 'Islam & The News.' This presentation was given at a meeting of the Madera Republican Women Federated. The newspaper also gave the link to the RC website.