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  • Washington Times: Ratio Christi and True Reason Mentioned, Called Pathetic by Atheist Leader

    Thursday, March 22, 2012 Washington Times article titled "Nonbelievers pull together for ‘Reason Rally’" mentions Ratio Christi and the True Reason response to the atheist rally.  The article ends with Reason Rally Coalition co-chair David Silverman calling "the effort by True Reason 'pathetic.'"

  • San Francisco Apologetics Examiner: Reason Rally, Westboro, and RC

    Maryann Spikes, in the San Francisco Apologetics Examiner March 18, 210, humorously yet accurately titled an article about recent actions by the National Atheist Party Correction: Westboro invited to Reason Rally, Ratio Christi invited to emailFollowing up on a previous article about the NAP inviting the fringe group, Westboro Baptist Church, to the Reason Rally Spikes notes that Ratio Christi and TrueReason have not been invited to the rally. 

    Read Spikes' article in full.

  • Mike Adams ( Intolerance of the "Tolerant"

    In his article in (March 15, 2012), Open Doors and Closed Minds, professor Mike Adams discusses the recent protest at Ohio University when Dr. Frank Turek spoke for the Ratio Christi club. LGBT groups on campus tried to have the lecture defunded. Though the student led appropriations committee did not defund the talk they apologized to the LGBT group. Adams wryly suggests the apology may have went something like this:

    We are truly sorry that you had to endure the thought that someone was present somewhere on campus – even for a couple of hours – who did not share your views on a subject he was not discussing.

    An apology for something Turek was NOT discussing? Correct. His lecture was on the logical foundations of Christianity, not homosexuality. Should it have mattered even if that was the topic? Read Adam's article to find out.

  • World on Campus Article on Ratio Christi: Ready to Give an Answer

    March 14, 2012

    An article by Rebecca Brittingham of World On Campus, a news and editorial website and magazine, features both the Veritas Forum and Ratio Christi.

    Apologists have two specific purposes, Schenker said: "To strengthen the faith of the believers, but also to reach out to skeptics and agnostics." Ratio Christi is committed to educating people in apologetics so that they can have an educated conversation, Schenker said.

    Read the entire article at World On Campus. . .

  • Christian Post: Coalition to Offer 'Christian Response' at Reason Rally to Engage Non-Believers

    By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter |  March 6, 2012|11:27 am

    A number of Christian organizations will attend the Reason Rally on March 24 in Washington, D.C, and engage in what they call "reasonable discussion" with atheists at the event, promising that their only aim is to "share Christ person to person as opportunity arises."

    Read entire article in the Christian Post . . .

  • Frank Turek comes to OU to speak religion with students

    Athens on Tap--Speakeasy, an online student news source at Ohio University published this article on March 5th, 2012 about Frank Turek's visit to OU. By Danielle Hale 

  • Invitation to Church: PZ Myers Responds

    Atheist PZ Myers has responded to the personal invitation to church in his blog, Pharyngula.  March 5, 2012

  • The Athens News: Christian author meets protest in speaking visit to OU

    The Athens News gives coverage to the story about Dr. Frank Turek speaking at a Ratio Christi sponsored event at Ohio University. February 29, 2012 by Daniella Limoli

  • SAC Funded Christian Speaker Sparks Protests, Controversy

    More on the controversy about Dr. Frank Turek speaking at Ohio University--sponsored by Ratio Christi--by The New Political (Feb. 29, 2012).

  • The Post: Religious-natured seminar creates dispute between student groups

    Another news outlet picked up on the controversey about Dr. Frank Turek speaking for Ratio Christi on Tuesday, February 28th at Ohio University. 

    The Post Article by Anjelica Oswald here

  • K-LOVE Feature Story

    K-LOVE Christian Radio Featured Story February 25th & 26th: Ratio Christi: Explaining & Defending the Faith   by Jennifer James

    "As college Christians see more faith challenges, a fast-growing new group is working to explain why so many put their trust in the Bible and Christ." Listed on K-Love here. Listen to audio here.

  • CP World Report: Apologetics, Ratio Christi, and College

    The Christian Post 's "World Report" mentions college student apologetics clubs in it's video news briefing on February 24th. 

    The popularity of a college student group---focused on defending their faith in Christ on campuses--has increased dramatically. Even though operating in a mostly secular environment a Christian apologetics alliance called "Ratio Christi" is aggressively seeking and placing apologists on campuses to lead student chapters. Chuck Colson recently praised Ratio Christi in his column for working to reclaim the intellectual battleground on college campuses.      ~CP World Report

    Watch here  Start the video at time 2:56 for the report on Ratio Christi.