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Oxford Study Centre - Michaelmas (Fall) Term

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Date: Aug. 29, 2017 - Dec. 17, 2017

Location: Oxford, International

The Oxford Study Centre (OSC) is an educational program combining an unique worldview approach with the academic strengths of Oxford, England.

At the Oxford Study Centre you will study with Oxford tutors. These are not lectures but concentrated and personalized tutorials with world-class scholars. You are inducted into the realms of Oxford life and enabled to foster your skills of research, analysis, and communication. Among other areas, you may study facets of literature or law, politics or philosophy, theology, the arts or sciences.

What makes OSC unique among study abroad programs is the 4-week worldview course with Kevin James Bywater. Intensively interactive, any question or issue may be put on the table. Close reading of various texts is a central activity. The conversations are many, open, engaging and authentic. In addition to this intensive, throughout the Oxford term there are weekly worldview colloquia and personalized mentoring sessions.

This is a profound opportunity to develop skills, character and understanding, to propel you forward with all the courage of your Christian convictions. Here you will prayerfully ponder the past, press in to the present, and pursue your intellectual potential. The goal is informed and faithful scholarship for church and culture.
The OSC course runs concurrently and in tandem with Oxford tutorial studies provided through the Oxford Study Abroad Programme. The combination is a substantial 8-week summer program, or 15-week autumn and winter program. In coordination with home institutions, students may receive upwards of 9 credit hours for the summer term, and 18 credit hours for Michaelmas (autumn) or Hilary (winter) term.


Michaelmas (Fall) Term

A number of questions attend the purpose and effectiveness of the Oxford Study Centre Summer Term. Up front, it must be noted that it is not equal with the other terms. Food costs will be approximately half, though travel expenses are likely to be equal or perhaps greater (due to the time of travel being summer). The following table summarizes the structural differences.

Length of Housing: 15 Weeks
Credit Hours: 17 Average
Number of Tutuorials: 1 Primary

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