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Exciting ministry opportunities for those with apologetics training

Become one of the next leaders in the student apologetics club movement -- Start a Ratio Christi chapter at a university near you.

Ratio Christi has a goal of opening apologetics clubs on at least 500 universities over the next five years. Every one of these clubs needs a trained apologist to serve as chapter director. That means there is an opportunity for at least 500 well trained apologists to equip Christians on university campuses to present the historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every club must do at least one apologetics event per year that is open to the entire campus. 

"Serving as a Chapter Director with Ratio Christi has afforded me the opportunity to defend the faith on the front lines in the battle for the mind. I cannot imagine a greater need in contending for the faith than the university. Ratio Christi gives you the chance to persuade the non-believer and encourage the believer as we share the love of Christ on campus."  Ken Grano, M.A. Apologetics and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-Appalachian State University

Have you obtained , or are you working toward obtaining, a Masters Degree in Apologetics from one of our Strategic Partners or other qualified educational institutions? We want you!

Over the last couple decades several seminaries and Christian universities have training students in apologetics. However, many graduates with Masters Degrees in apologetics or other related disciplines have found that it is very difficult to find a place to serve. Ratio Christi desires to play a role in changing that trend. If you have a degree in apologetics or are currently studying toward one please contact us. We want trained apologists to serve in the university and communities around the country and world. Your apologetics education uniquely equips you for Ratio Christi's task. See the list of approved programs here.

What if I don't have a degree? Don't stop reading. . . 

Many individuals, while not having formal graduate training in apologetics may still be qualified to serve as directors. Various degree programs in philosophy, theology, and Christian worldview thinking may also be acceptable. Other individuals have gone through formal, though unaccredited, training that my qualify them. This may be things such as training programs through other apologetics ministries or certificate programs from an educational institution. Furthermore, we realize that God has equipped many to be well qualified for ministry in apologetics through "non-traditional" routes, such as life and ministry experience, self training, and more. If this is you, please continue reading. Our Become an Apologist page has more related information and a list of other approved accredited and non-accredited programs is available here.

Sorry, Cavemen need not Apply


  • Do you want to regularly interact with all the major Apologetics Ministries?
  • Do you want to help Ratio Christi open chapters at over 500 universities over the next five years?
  • Do you want to defend truth and Christianity in the University?

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