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Already Trained?

If you are already have, or are working towards, a Masters Degree or higher in apologetics from a Ratio Christi Strategic Partner or other qualified educational program that training qualifies you to move forward with applying to become a Ratio Christi apologist and we would like to talk to you. Please contact us here.

Don't have a Master's Degree?

If you would like to be an RC Chapter Director, but don't have the training--We have a program for you!

Become part of a network that interacts regularly with many major Christian thinkers!

If you would like to help Ratio Christi at a university near you, and you are willing to become a trained apologist, Ratio Christi has a program we call our Provisional Chapter Director program.

Provisional Chapter Directors are people that have what it takes to become a Ratio Christi Chapter Director except for the formal accredited apologetics training. If you are approved for the Provisional Chapter Director program, you may need to go through one of the approved apologetics training programs (or similar) while we work with you to start a chapter.--See a link to the list of approved programs at the bottom of this page.

If you would are interested in mentoring high school aged students in apologetics, Ratio Christi College Prep mentor training conferences will equip you with the resourcesand skills necessary to establish and guide clubs in your church, local high school or community.  


Who should consider becoming a Ratio Christi Apologist?

College Professors or Other College Positions (i.e. Admissions): This is a very good opportunity because of your relationships inside the University. You may be quite busy with your position, but it may be one of the best positions for becoming a Chapter Director. 

College Ministers at a University or a Church near a University:  This is probably the best of all worlds. A university or a Church pays you to minister to college age students and allows you to direct a Ratio Christi chapter. 

Other types of Ministers/Pastors at a Church: You may be busy with other ministry work, but you may still have the opportunity to be a Ratio Christi Chapter Director, and you might also be able to extend offers to do apologetics training to other campus ministries, churches and junior/senior high school students through Ratio Christi College Prep.

High School Teachers:  With your relationships and the credibility you have already established with the students, you are particularly well-suited to advise and mentor a student organization at your school.

Parents of Youth:  You are fully aware and justifiably concerned about the intellectual challenges to Christianity that await your student once they leave home.  Ratio Christi can equip you to guide your student and his/her peers through answers to the tough questions they will soon face.

Professional Positions:  We have chapters that are led by salesmen, consultants, graphic designers, computer engineers, computer programs, etc. The relatively normal, professional, nine to five job may avail itself to becoming a Ratio Christi Chapter Director; however, we sometimes hear about the lack of time necessary to devote a great deal of effort to the chapter due to the demands of the employer.  This type of position is much more like the Apostle Paul’s position of making tents to make a living.

Business Owners: Business owners or self-employed people may have the flexibility to become a Ratio Christi Chapter Director. The biggest problem for most people in this category is usually the lack of time to offer to the chapter. However, it does seem that this is much more like the tent making position described by the Apostle Paul.

Other Professions: Certainly anyone in any position may want to be a Ratio Christi Chapter Director. As long as someone is willing to become a trained apologist, and has a burning desire and calling to become part of an apologetics/evangelistic ministry, and meets Ratio Christi's qualifications--they may be a good fit for a Ratio Christi Chapter Director.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Why not take some time to become a trained apologist in addition to pursuing your career path. Some people may want to take time between their bachelors’ degree and graduate work to pursue apologetics training.  Help us get a chapter started on your campus by becoming a Ratio Christi student leader.  You can also get involved in teaching apologetics to high school students through Ratio Christi College Prep while you are still in college.  

For list of approved apologetics training programs click here.

Perhaps we can help you to find the right opportunity for you—contact us