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Community Apologist

What is a Ratio Christi Community Apologist?

A Ratio Christi Community Apologist will usually have a Master's degree in apologetics or other significant apologetics training. He/she will serve at a university as a Ratio Christi chapter director, and be engaged by one or more churches as their "Pastor of Evangelism" to provide resources and training for their youth, parents,church leaders and congregations for the purposes of creating confident witnesses for Christ, promoting personal evangelism and creating church growth. In our experience, when people not only know what they believe--but why they believe it, they become much more confident in sharing their faith in their everyday life. In fact, many believers start to look for opportunities to engage in conversations about God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. The job of the community apologists is to help the local church create these confident witnesses so that the entire community will hear and understand the Good News. This should result in many friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers hearing the Good News and becoming followers of Christ.

How many churches should an apologist serve?

In addition to being a chapter director at a local university, the Ratio Christi community apologist can oversee the apologetics training for one or more churches. The key to this is to find like minded churches with a 'kingdom mentality' that want to see the body of Christ grow in the entire community. The community apologist may recommend certain programs for youth groups and small groups with the help of the group leaders. One area these apologists may focus their personal time and attention on is the training of parents who have children from grade school to college age. This is a program in development called Ratio Christi Families,and its purpose is to give parents the tools to deal with questions and comments that their children bring home from school. The community apologist may also work with individuals that have an keen interest in apologetics to serve as 'tent-maker' chapter directors of Ratio Christi chapters at other local colleges. The community apologist will oversee and mentor these chapter directors to make sure they receive the proper training and qualifications to be a Ratio Christi chapter director.

How do churches pay for the Community Apologist?

Churches will need to participate, but the burden of funding a Community Apologist does not need to fall completely on the churches budget!

Ratio Christi has a plan to develop funding for the Community Apologist. Their are a few different parts of this fundraising plan that the churches need to support. 

  • First, we recommend that each church place Ratio Christi on it's mission budget.  Ratio Christi will have a support account for each of our community apologists.
  • Second, we recommend that each church allow the Ratio Christi community apologist to preach one Sunday service each year and take a special offering for Ratio Christi.
  • Third, the majority of the funding for the Ratio Christi community apologist will come through a relationship based fundraising system designed specifically for this program. Churches simply need to allow the Ratio Christi community apologist to build relationships with people in the community. These people will eventually be invited to a presentation to encourage them to become a supporter of Ratio Christi. This is not a high pressure request for funding--it is a simple demonstration of the needs and value of Ratio Christi that is followed by a request for financial support.  People that want to give may sign-up to do so, and people that do not are blessed and released to put their resources where God wants them to put them.