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Ratio Christi organizes apologetic clubs at secular universities to strengthen the faith of Christian students, and to challenge atheism and secularism on campus.  We are at at the cutting edge of college apologetics evangelism. Help us reach our goal of putting a Ratio Christi chapter on 500 university campuses in the next five years.

Who can Adopt a College?  Churches, Christian Organizations, Trained Apologists, College Alumni, Pastors, Christian Students, or Christian Student Organizations--Really, just about anyone interested in reaching a local university with the truth of Christianity.

What will you have to do? That's simple--you just work with us to get a Ratio Christi chapter started at the College you select. 

What kind of things are there to do to get a chapter started? The most important thing is to find someone interested in being the Chapter Director. The Chapter Director must be a trained apologist, or someone willing to go through our required training (don't worry--it's not too hard, and not too expensive). This person could be a local pastor or youth pastor, a college professor or some other person that is interested in working with college students--(see Become an Apologist). Once we have a Chapter Director approved by Ratio Christi, the rest is easy. You may want to continue to help the Chapter Director to start finding interested students and a Christian professor to be an academic advisor. We will walk the Chapter Director through the rest of the process. 

If you are interested in learning more about the ADOPT A COLLEGE program,  or would like to arrange for Ratio Christi to come speak at your church or meeting please contact us.

How to get started:

  • Contact Ratio Christi indicating you are interested in the Adopt a College program
  • We will set up a time to call you to provide you with more information
  • You may want to invite us to speak to your church or organization to cast the Ratio Christi vision
  • We will work together to get a chapter started for the College you have selected
  • We provide all the step-by-step guidance and support to get a chapter started at your college

It's so simple, a caveman could do it!