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Internships and Field Experience

Ratio Christi is looking for college and high school students who would like to obtain valuable experience, lend your hand to a vital organization, and gain new skill sets and ministry insight. We have a wide variety of internship positions available and most of them are available online from wherever you live or go to school.

See some position descriptions here under "Positions," though this is not an exhaustive list. Do you have a passion and interest in a particular field? Contact us, let us know your interests, and it is quite likely we will be able to find a good fit for you with Ratio Christi working with our national team or with local leaders and teams. Are you studying accounting, graphic design, business, engineering, marketing, computer science, theology/apologetics, or a wide range of other topics? Let us know and we'll work with you to shape a program where you will gain valuable experience while serving Jesus Christ.

School Credit

Many colleges have internship or field experience requirements and high schools often have volunteer hour requirements for graduation. Often these requiements can be met by working with Ratio Christi in any number of capacities. Ratio Christi will work with you to understand your school's requirements and provide the necessary documentation. Please review your graduation requirements to see if working with Ratio Christi could provide necessary experience. Work in the evenings, weekends, or over the summer to fulfill credits and assist an important ministry in the process. 

Biola University

Students in the 36-unit Master of Arts degree in Christian Apologetics at Biola University have the opportunity complete an internship as an arranged 2-unit elective course. Various projects and leadership positions within Ratio Christi qualify. Other degree programs (undergrad or graduate) at Biola also have internship requirements and ministry with Ratio Christi may qualify. Current students interested in an arranged elective internship course should email or call (562) 906-4570 and mention Ratio Christi.

Southern Evangelical Seminary

The degree programs at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College require students to take on a practical element to their studies referred to as ‘Field Experience.' Some leadership and other ministry positions within Ratio Christi qualify to satisfy this requirement. If interested please contact SES for more information: 704-847-5600 or 1-800-77 TRUTH Ext 216

Other Schools

Many opportunities with Ratio Christi may qualify for credit or required hours for internships or field experience from your college, seminary, or high school. The specifics will be driven by the specific requirements of your educational program. Ratio Christi will work with you to tailor a work/ministry opportunity that fits your needs, interests, and learning experience.

We have a wide variety of temporary (and temporary to permanent) positions that may fit you: communication, writing/editing, journalism, business, accounting, theology, pastoral, apologetics, philosophy, research projects in an apologetics field, campus/student ministry, fundraising, computer/IT, programming, legal, project management, administration, international travel/missions, teaching, art, graphic design, and more. These may be onsite and in person opportunities or internships that can be fulfilled from a distance and online.

Not sure if there is an opportunity to fill an educational requirement? Why not contact us and explore the possibilities?

Summer 2017 Summer Internships and Mission Project

Are you looking for a paid summer internship? Ratio Christi is looking for student interns for this summer. 

How about combining the concepts of your internship and a summer mission project? Many students raise thousands of dollars to join a 2 to 3 week trip to a foreign country on a short-term mission trip. They send letters to friends and family and raise money for flights and room and board--these are very worthwhile. Ratio Christi is proposing that you work with us to do a similar appeal letter and raise funds for a summer long missions project with Ratio Christi. If you were to raise $3,000 to $5,000 in one-time tax-deductible gifts, it would cover all your expenses and a very modest salary for the 2.5 to 3 months of your summer break. Ratio Christi has all the systems in place and will give you fundraising letter templates and coach you on how to raise the donations. Never done this? Don't worry. We'll walk with you through the process. You will also gain valuable ministry finance experience. It's an 'in country' summer mission project and you get paid while working for an apologetics organization.

What would you be doing? Review the other information on this page to see the wide variety of things in which to be involved. Contact us and we can discuss many options. Work from home or travel a bit. Work with a team of people on the front lines of apologetics and evangelism. 

There are also upcoming opportunities to travel on international apologetics teaching missions trips during the summer.

Have no need to raise funds? That's fine too. We'd appreciate your volunteer help whether part or full time.

Contact Us

If you are interested in an internship/field experience with Ratio Christi, please contact us.