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Ministry Relationship Proposal

Proposed Partnership with Apologetics Ministries

Our proposal to you is very simple -- 

 We want to promote your organization & we want you to promote RC


How does that work?

  1. We will list your organization on our web site, and we ask you to list us on your web site.
  2. We want to promote your apologetics ministry to every one of our chapters and Chapter Directors—including providing them with any brochures you give us.  We ask that you promote Ratio Christi wherever you go—simply mention our ‘Adopt a College’ program, and give away some of our ‘Adopt a College’ flyers.  (Of course, the more chapters we get—the more opportunities for you to work at universities).
  3. We will look for opportunities to promote your ministry in our email newsletter. We ask that you do the same. In fact, we will provide you with ideas and content to put in your newsletter, and we would like you to provide ideas and content to put in our newsletter.
  4. We will communicate with you concerning chapters we are starting at Ratio Christi, and we want you to feel free to directly communicate with all of our chapters and Chapter Directors. (If you communicate with these leaders, it may give you an opportunity to do some work on university campuses, and it gives us the chance to fulfill our mission of strengthening the faith of Christian students and reaching the non-believers through apologetic evangelistic events).
  5. Finally, if we think of anything else that can promote this win-win relationship, we will contact you immediately--we just ask you to do the same.


That’s it! Even a caveman could do it.