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No Competition Zone

Ratio Christi is not competing with other student ministries!

"Has Christ been divided into factions?" 1 Cor. 1:13 (NLT)

Ratio Christi places a trained apologist on every campus where we open a chapter to serve as a resource to the Christian community.

Ratio Christi is not building an organization, we are building a movement for Christ. We are not competing with other student organizations or ministries--in fact, we want to serve every one of them. Our goal is to reach secular universities with cutting edge apologetic evangelism by sponsoring public debates, lectures and discussions.Furthermore, Ratio Christi College Prep is equipping high school students through locally based mentoring programs.   We seek to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christians, and challenge those that are skeptics and atheists by engaging in discussions directed towards answering life’s pressing questions:

  • Why am I here? 
  • Does God really exist? 
  • What about science? 
  • Is this all by random chance? 
  • If there is a loving God, why is there so much evil? 
  • Is Christianity true? 
  • Is the Bible reliable? 
  • Who was Jesus of Nazareth, really? 
  • Does God have a plan for me? 
  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead? 
  • Is faith in Christ rational? 
  • What is truth? 
  • Does Jesus really matter?
  • and much more...

Here are lists of other high school and college ministries.


More Details on the Ratio Christi Approach?

We focus solely on apologetics (defending the faith) and discipleship of the Christian mind in our meetings. Our gatherings consist of anything from guest speakers, to discussion time, to lectures, to special events like debates. Being that we only focus on apologetics, we feel that we can be of service to other student clubs and fill a vital niche that is too often left empty in evangelism and the discipling of young Christians (and old ones for that matter!). Sunday School answers and the "the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it" simply don't cut it in our society as a whole and on a secular college campus specifically. God has not called us to a blind faith, but to a reasonable faith where we can have confidence that what He says is trustworthy and that Christianity is objectively true.

Ratio Christi is not interested in competing with other Christian clubs, rather, we want to come along side of them, partner with them, and serve them. Yes, we have weekly meetings that compete for the students' time, but we make every attempt to plan our schedules to not be in conflict with existing ministries. In existing Ratio Christi chapters we have student leaders who also participate in, and are student leaders in, other ministries such as Campus Crusade for Christ or Intervarsity. We make it clear to the students that we want them to be able to participate in other discipleship groups. 

By way of our mission we are not trying to be a “full service” ministry. That is, we aren’t trying to reproduce what others are already doing well. Ratio Christi believes in and supports the more comprehensive discipleship ministries that already exist on many campuses. We have no desire to replicate or change those existing works of God. Rather, we are focused on the battle of ideas that permeates the university.

We make ourselves available to come to the meetings of other campus ministries to do training events, lectures, Q&A times, discussion groups, etc. We have partnered with other groups to put on larger events on campus to reach a more vast and varied audience. Our servant commitment and deep appreciation for the Imago Dei (image of God in man) inspires us to assist other Christian groups in the area of evangelism and apologetics. We desire to be an equipping tool in the specific area of Christian thought and worldview to others that might not have time to focus on those issues. 

If you are a ministry leader at a campus where Ratio Christi has a group we would love the opportunity to meet with you personally and discuss how, together, we can advance the kingdom of God.

Examples of Ratio Christi's Method

We took this ‘no competition’ issue seriously. We decided to have our Ratio Christi meetings early in the morning when no other Christian ministry was meeting to show them we were not here to compete with them. ~Julia - Lenoir-Rhyne University

Ratio Christi comes to Christopher Newport University amid an already thriving Christian movement on campus. Rather than encroach on the territory of other campus ministries, however, Ratio Christi CNU has developed a strong relationship with other Christian groups on campus such as InterVarsity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Baptist Campus Ministries, providing a unique service that has been previously absent at CNU. The arrival of Ratio Christi at CNU has brought an infusion of rational thinking to the Christian community on campus and has sparked important dialogue between believing, skeptical, and seeking members of our student body. We are proud of the relationships we have forged with several skilled members of our faculty and we plan to continue to bring a strong defense of the Christian faith to our university through a variety of mediums. ~Greg - CNU