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Become a Ratio Christi Chapter Director or Faculty Advisor

“The contemporary Western intellectual world is a battleground or arena in which rages a battle for men’s souls, said Philosopher, Alvin Plantinga. “Christian academics, especially those who teach at secular institutions, are the Church’s front-line in this battle. This is a front which is absolutely crucial for the advance of the Kingdom of God in our day. Why? Simply because the single most important institution shaping Western culture is the university.”                                           ~William Lane Craig, Ph.D.

Why should a College Professor consider becoming a Ratio Christi Chapter Director?

Ratio Christi seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students at public and private institutions around the world, while sharing Christ's message and love with those who have not yet accepted Him. By situating apologetic clubs at universities nationally and internationally, Ratio Christi hopes to take part in the battle for the mind and begin to reverse the prevalent trend toward secularism in the university by encouraging dialogue and stimulating discussion directed towards answering life’s pressing questions. Ratio Christi’s primary goal on the university is to bring together faith & reason.

Becoming a Ratio Christi Director on your campus:

  • gives you opportunity to be involved in the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the ‘academy’,
  • allows you to be involved in rethinking academic disciplines from a Christian worldview; for example, doing research, writing textbooks, debating and dialoguing with the leaders and culture shapers,
  • use your academic credentials to open doors to be heard in many contexts (legal, professional, secular, religious, media, etc.),
  • employ your academic training to think (reason), write and speak in the context of ‘ideas’,
  • be salt and light in the community of ‘reason’,
  • enter the mission field of the secular university (in a way that is not possible as a ‘campus minister’),
  • make use of academic experience and skills to minister to students and others in an empathetic manner,
  • utilize your scholarly talents, gifts and opportunities to serve God,
  • encourage students and faculty to engage in the mission field of academia, and
  • following Paul’s example of working to supply your needs so that you are not a burden to the Church.

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