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Abigail Hohenstreet

Chapter Director

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Abigail is a missionary with Ratio Christi. Please join her support team.

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Hayward, California 94542

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Abigail Hohenstreet

Chapter Director

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Abigail Hohenstreet, Organizational Liaison and teaching apologist at both UC Berkeley and the University of San Francisco.  Abigail holds degrees in English Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Apologetics, and Counseling.  She studied at North Idaho College, Purdue University, University of Oxford, and Luther Rice University and Seminary.  Extracurricularly, she was an abolitionist with Exodus Cry, served on Crisis Teams for Union Gospel Mission, joined the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and has been active in Amnesty International.  Field work includes specialty in mental health and social services, management for inner city non-profits, and editing research projects concerning Philosophy of Religion and Public Policy.  Abigail is now continuing conciliation training regarding matters of civil and religious liberties, as her interests include diplomacy and advocacy in the heated intersection of Religion and Government.