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Adam Korman

Chapter Director | Carnegie Mellon University

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I was baptized Presbyterian, born again Baptist, raised Charismatic and now, well, I attend a nondenominational church with Anglican traditions. How did I get here?

In July 1987 during a vacation Bible week that my brother and sister had been attending, at the church up the street, Calvary Bible Church. It was the Friday ending out the week. It was a huge display of everything that has been accomplished that week, the penny challenge between the boys and girls, craft projects on display, skits and songs performed by the children. Pastor David Annan had given a call to repentance at the end of the night. It was at that moment I chose to put my faith in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a bit traumatic for me, although at the time I could not explain to you what had happened to me, internally. Now, I was not raised in a “Christian” home, where the Bible was read regularly, prayer was offered to God as a normality, or were we really ever spoke about God in general. I prayed often to God as a small child but I had no understanding of who God was and if he was really even hearing my prayers.

The biggest turning point came when I was about 14 years old. I was bullied severely in high school. Pushed up against the walls by much larger students. I was called names that as a Christian I don’t even want to repeat for testimonial purposes. This all lead to deep depression. And at one point I had found myself in the woods behind my parent’s house with the 16-gauge shotgun pointed at my head. Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit in a wretched sinner such as myself because as that trigger begin to move backwards I cried out to God. As funny as it may seem, I gave him an ultimatum. I told God that he had a month to reveal himself to me in such a way that I would know he was real and true. Well as we all find out in life we operate on God’s timetable not the other way around. And I believe that it was within two weeks I had found myself attending the youth group service and an Assemblies of God church in Milesburg Pennsylvania. Now I know a lot of people would expect God to write his name or my name in the sky with stars, visible for me to see or some other extravagant miracle, in order for me to know that he was real. What God did is what we see him do quite often in the biblical narrative. That is, he used ordinary people to bring a message of love and truth that made sense of the world around me.


Prior to college, most of my apologetic knowledge has come through absorbing books and lectures.

Cross Examined Academy (2014)

Liberty University, B.S. in Religion (pursuing).

Future studies: Southern Evangelical Seminary, MA in Philosophy (beginning in 2017).