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Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

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Oceanside, California

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Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

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Alan is turning the tide on Christian training. He knows many believers aren’t equipped to persuasively share their convictions with our culture. It’s difficult. People often view Christians as anti-science, anti-choice, judgmental, homophobic, and intolerant. They see the Church as backward-thinking.

Though they’re largely mistaken, that perception repels people from the truth of Jesus. Worse, many Christians struggle to respond in a persuasive, yet gracious manner. They don’t feel confident to engage people in conversation about their convictions.

That’s why Alan has dedicated his life to training Christians to thoughtfully articulate their faith and values. He realizes that when people are properly equipped, they’re more confident about talking with others.  Because they become more skilled in maneuvering in conversation, they’re more effective at sharing their faith.

Prior to training Christians, Alan worked in hospital-based physical therapy for ten years. He trained people who could no longer walk, stand, or even sit to rebuild their strength, gain confidence, and physically achieve former levels of function.

During this career he still served the body of Christ by teaching and was a bold witness for Jesus on bioethical issues at hospitals in Southern California. The positive reaction he received from students and coworkers propelled him to turn his full-time attention from working with physical bodies to spiritual ideas. That transition brought him to work with Stand to Reason.

Alan’s work represents the best in Christian thinking and the art of conversational persuasion on challenging issues of our day. In fact, he has distinguished himself in training Christians about the most controversial issues of our time like evolution, abortion, relativism, homosexuality, euthanasia, cloning, and Islam. His broad experience allows him to bring clear thinking to almost any issue.

Alan’s training incorporates three components. First, he equips people with the knowledge to form a foundation of belief. Second, he teaches them to communicate their knowledge in ways that are persuasive and clear. Finally, he shows them how to make the manner of their approach warm, friendly, and gracious. What makes his training unique is his ability to make complex issues accessible to anyone--adult or youth audiences.

Alan has been interviewed on numerous radio shows, been featured as a guest on JCTV’s Top 3 television show, and has a chapter on homosexuality in Apologetics for a New Generation by Harvest House Publishers. He is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach and is currently pursuing his graduate degree at Biola University. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife, Jennifer, and two children.