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Alan W. White

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Kingsport, Tennessee 37664

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Alan W. White

Research Associate

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From an early age I was fascinated with chemistry.  That fascination led to my receiving a BS from the University of Tennessee and a PhD from Harvard in chemistry. I had a very successful career at Eastman Chemical Co. where I rose to the rank of Research Fellow.  I was granted over 40 US patents and have 18 publications in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, organometallic chemistry, and polymer chemistry.  During my thirty-year career with Eastman Chemical Co., I designed new products and improved existing processes.  As a teenager, I had accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior; but I had never really combined my two great interests, science and the Bible.  Soon after my graduation from Harvard, a friend challenged me to read The Genesis Record by Henry Morris.  Since that time, I have spent many years studying science as it relates to the Bible and I am fully convinced that a straightforward interpretation of the Bible and recent scientific data are compatible. For the last eight years, I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking in churches, schools, and universities in the US and other countries on science and the Bible.


I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord at the age of 13.  I began to seriously study the Scriptures in my mid 20s and continue that today.  I have taught adult Sunday School classes for several decades.  I now do research, write and speak on the compatability of science with the Bible.  The Lord has given me many opportunities to defend the Truth of His Word to groups in both the US and Peru.


Harvard University, PhD in organic chemistry, 1981

University of Tennessee, BS in chemistry, 1976