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Albert Spalding

Faculty Advisor and Co-Director

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The Wayne State University Chapter of Ratio Christi sponsors debates, training workshops and other events on campus in the Detroit metro area. Donations to our chapter are most welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Detroit, Michigan 48202

Ratio Christi does not necessarily agree with or endorse the views of all the speakers listed and cannot guarantee the accuracy of all details. See here for more.

Albert Spalding

Faculty Advisor and Co-Director

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint

Speaking Topics Include (click the arrows to see a detailed view)

  • Apologetics




    See for examples of both general and specific topics.

    Recent discussion and debate topics have included:


    • Why do Good People do Evil Things?
    • Keep Calm and Stop (Over-) "Selling" the Gospel
    • "Getting" Nonbelievers: Understanding the Difficulties of Atheism
    • YES, NO, MAYBE: Where does Human Reason Come From?
    • The Gift of Dread (PhD Dissertation Topic)
  • Ethics




    See for examples of both general and specific topics, along with upcoming Seminars and Webinars.


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Generally available for formal debates with atheists and other non-Christians on apologetics topics (with advance notice of the debate topic, debate opponent, etc.).

Also some limited availability for speaking opportunities to encourage Christians to have confidence in engaging in apologetics conversations with nonbelievers.


Travel costs plus negotiated honorarium based on circumstances.


Contact Dr. Spalding by email at:, or by using the Contact facility on this Ratio Christi site.