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Amos Crew

Student President

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint


Amos is a Marine Corps veteran, preschool teacher, and husband. He earned an AA Degree in Pashto at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, where he graduated with high honors in 2012. After being honorably discharged in 2015, Amos worked as a private contract linguist doing translation for the Army; most of his coworkers were Muslims, and during this time he began developing an interest in apologetics.

Amos is now a senior on the Dean’s List at George Mason University, earning a BA in Social Sciences for Education with a minor in History. His interest in apologetics has become a passion, especially in the areas of New Testament history and textual criticism. Amos discovered that there was an abundance of Christian ministries on campus, but none had a particular focus on the intellectual defense of the faith through serious engagement with science, philosophy, and history. He saw a vital need for such a Christian ministry at a secular academic institution, and after learning about Ratio Christi online, he helped to found the GMU Chapter in Fall 2017.

After graduation in May 2018, Amos plans to begin an MA program in Biblical Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary.