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Andy McIntosh

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Andy McIntosh

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Professor Andy McIntosh DSc, FIMA, C.Math, FInstE, CEng, FInstP, MIGEM, FRAeS (Leeds) holds an emeritus chair in Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory, and has lectured and researched in these fields for over 30 years. He has a PhD in combustion theory from the aerodynamics department of what was then Cranfield Institute of Technology (now Cranfield University), a DSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wales and worked for a number of years at the Royal Aircraft Establishment. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Institute of Energy, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Aeronautical Society. A chartered mathematician and engineer, and author of over 180 papers and articles, his research has been in combustion in fluids and solids. His work has also included investigations into the fundamental link between thermodynamics and information, and in the last few years he has been involved in research in the area of biomimetics where the minute combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle has inspired a patented novel spray technology with applications to fuel injectors, pharmaceutical sprays, fire extinguishers and aerosols. This research was awarded the 2010 Times Higher Educational award for the Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology.

Andy became a Christian in 1969 and at University in Wales realised that the issue of Biblical authority was intricately linked with the issue of Creation. He is known for his convictions that the Biblical Creation account is true and entirely consistent with good science. He has authored the book “Genesis for Today” (Day One, 5th Edition, 2014), and contributed to the books “In six days” (Master Books, 2009), “Should Christians embrace Evolution?” (IVP, 2009), “The Delusion of Evolution” (New Life Publishing Co, 2010), and “Origins – examining the evidence” (Truth in Science, 2011). He has also contributed to TV and radio programs, to present the scientific evidence for creation and design, in particular Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman (2006), Sunday Sequence (BBC Northern Ireland) with William Crawley (2006) and the Big Questions with Nicky Campbell (2011).

As an associate speaker for Answers in Genesis (AiG) for many years, he speaks both in the UK, and many countries abroad. He delights to present the scientific evidence for Creation and passionately believes that there is no excuse for scientific minds not to accept the truth of Creation. Favourite talks (some available on DVD) are ‘Creation - the Cardinal Truths’, ‘Creation – Reconnecting the Gospel to a godless culture’, ‘The Intricacies of Flight’, ‘Design, Intelligence and the Word of God’, ‘The Human Body, Mind and Matter’, ‘The wonder of Hearing’, ‘Science, Mathematics and Beauty’, ‘Creation or Evolution – Looking at the Evidence’, ‘The Flood and the Ark’, ‘Genesis, Babel and the Nations’, ‘Fingerprint of Intelligence – Thermodynamics and Information’, and ‘Biomimetics – Learning Design from the Created World’. He also will speak evangelistically (one of his addresses is entitled ‘A skeptical look at Atheism’) and has debated with secular scientists a number of times. He is married with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.


Reared in a caring religious home, regularly attending church, but not having any real grasp of the essence of the Christian Faith – conviction of sin, repentance and personal forgiveness, through the Cross of Christ.

Jan. 12th 1969 (coming up to 17 years of age) was a crucial point when the leader of a local Christian Youth Group explained that a Christian was someone who has Admitted his sin, Believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and Committed his life to Christ. That night it was though a veil had been removed from my eyes, and I quietly prayed, asking Christ to forgive me for my personal guilt, and expressing my belief in Him as my only Saviour. This was in the last months before leaving school for University, and not long before crucial decisions of the next 3 years concerning career and marriage.

At Bangor University in North Wales, I was involved in the Christian Union, and local church work with youth of the city. I met my wife-to-be, Juliet, there – she also was converted, just before coming up to University, having been an ardent atheist before. We both read Mathematics, and for us the question of how Science and Christianity inter-relate began to become an issue.  SInce then I have written and studied and written "Genesis for Today" to show that true science agrees with s straight forward understanding of Genesis, and that being a Christian is entirely consistent with rigorous scientific endeavour..


DSc (Applied Maths) 1998, PhD (1981) Aerodynamics and Combustion

BSc (1st Class) Applied Mathematics (Wales 1973)

A levels Maths A, Further Maths A, Physics A (1970),

Fellow of Inst Mathematics 1996

Fellow of Inst Energy 1999

Fellow Inst Physics 2002

Fellow of Royal Aero Society 2003

Times Higher Educational Award 2010 for Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology. This was granted for developing an innovative spray technology based on the bombardier beetle.

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