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Ben Dickerson

Regional Director | Arizona State University, Tempe

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Ben has been teaching high school and college classes in the Phoenix area for the past fourteen years. He teaches philosophy, literature, history, and world religion courses. He has a wife and two kids. He has been heading up the ASU chapter of Ratio Christi for the past two years.


My family went to church every Sunday and on Wednesdays when I was growing up, my parents taught at Christian schools and I attended a Christian school for elementary school. But after my parents got divorced, my whole family drifted away from the faith. For years, though, I was very concerned to figure out the meaning of physical death, and I could not find any. I returned to Christianity through Young Life in high school, but I still had a lot of unanswered questions. Besides the meaning of physical death, I was very concerned to figure out why people are expected to know God if they have never read the Bible. I studied philosophy, history, and religious studies in college, and eventually came upon answers to my questions. I came to see that there were sound arguments that could stand as an anchor for my faith.