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Ben Smith

Chapter Director, Publication Specialist | University of West Georgia

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Ben Smith has been studying and teaching theology and apologetics for 30 years since becoming a Christian while attending Ga. Tech.  He is the author of the book Genesis, Science, and the Beginning available now on Amazon and Kindle. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Worldview and Apologetics from Luther Rice University. He is the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at the University of West Georgia and the Ratio Christi Publishing Project Manager. He teaches apologetics at Renew Church in Carrollton, GA and is a regular speaker at the Atlanta and Birmingham chapters of Reasons To Believe ministries. He specializes in issues related to Genesis and science, but can speak on any apologetic or doctrinal topic. He is president of Discovering the Truth Ministries (www.discoveringthetruthministries.com).

Click HERE to see Ben’s book, Genesis, Science, and the Beginning: Evaluating Interpretations of Genesis One on the Age of the Earth, which is available on Amazon.


I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church until age 11 when we moved to New Jersey in 1976. In NJ my parents attempted to find a church home, but after about four failed attempts we quit going for about 6 years. I graduated high school in 1983 and moved back to GA to attend Georgia Tech and one of the first things I did was begin attending church again. I joined my grandmother’s Baptist church and was baptized that summer of 1983 but my heart was really not in it. A year and a half into college in January 1985, after becoming very unhappy with my life of drunken fraternity parties, difficult classes, and trying to afford life, I devoted my life to serving Jesus Christ after a friend gave me a book about the moral condition of America. The book began with a few simple apologetics arguments that grabbed my attention and made me realize for the first time (though I had probably been told many times) that the Bible was God’s word, His revelation to humanity. That revelation made me take the author’s moral arguments more seriously, particularly the part about drunkenness described in Proverbs 23. That winter’s night I knelt at my bed and repented of my sins and was born again. Not long after that a speaker at a youth meeting told me about more apologetics literature which began a lifelong pursuit of the truth, theologically, historically, scientifically, and philosophically.