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Ben Smith

Chapter Director

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  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
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Speaking Topics Include (click the arrows to see a detailed view)

  • Evaluating Interpretations of Genesis One on the Age of the Earth

    Covers the various interpretations of Genesis used to reconcile science and Scripture

  • Does Genesis Force Us to Believe in a Young Earth?

    Shows how Genesis does NOT force us to believe in a young Earth and allows for old age

  • Were the Sun, Moon, and Stars made on Day 4?

    Shows how Genesis does NOT say the lights were made on Day 4, but instead shows that the Bible is actually scientifically accurate here

  • Death Before the Fall?

    Covers the question and implications of interpreting Genesis on whether animal death existed before the Fall of Adam and Eve

  • Did Adam and Eve Play with Dinosaurs?

    Covers the subject of dinosaurs and the Bible, including the behemoth and leviathan in Job

  • Cavemen, Neanderthals, and Sasquatch

    Covers modern anthropology and whether it squares with the Bible

  • The Bible and Theistic Evolution

    Covers whether Genesis and evolution are compatible and the answer is no

  • Is Evolution True?

    Covers whether scientific evidence supports naturalistic evolution or Intelligent Design

  • Old Earth Answers to Young Earth Creationists’ Science

    Covers the scientific perspective of the debate over the legitimacy of Young Earth Creationists’ arguments

  • The Battle for Scientific Inerrancy

    Covers the debate between concordists (those who believe science and the Bible are in accord) and non-concordists (those who believe in theological inerrancy, but not scientific or historical inerrancy, and accept that God accommodated the Biblical authors’ ignorance)

  • Who Wrote Genesis and When?

    Covers questions of the origin of Genesis (whether written by Moses directly or whether he used sources) and also compares Genesis to Job in age

  • The Last of the Archaeology Gaps: Where is the Evidence for the Exodus

    Covers the most recent discoveries related to the evidence for the Biblical stories of Joseph, Moses, and Joshua

  • The Search for Noah’s Flood and Ark

    Covers interpreting Genesis on the Flood from an old-Earth creationist’s perspective

  • The Three Roadblocks of Postmodern Thinking

    The first presentation in his general systematic apologetics series which covers the subjects of absolute truth, whether we can know it, and whether we should judge it

  • I Need Some Evidence for You God

    The second in his apologetics series covering the arguments for God’s existence

  • The Bible’s Many Errors

    Third in the series, covers textual criticism and how, despite the number of textual variants, we still have what was originally written by the Biblical authors

  • Jesus: Man, Myth, Madman, Menace, Mystic, Martian, or Messiah?

    Fourth in the series, covers the evidence for who Jesus is. The title is borrowed from Ken Samples of Reasons To Believe and expands on C. S. Lewis’ Lord, Liar, or Lunatic argument.

  • The Conspiracy to Destroy the Photograph of the Resurrection

    Fifth in the series, covers the evidence for the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin

  • The Skeptic’s Anvil of Biblical Archaeology

    Sixth in the series, covers the historical and archaeological evidence supporting the Bible from beginning to end

  • Biblical Prophecy: SERIOUS Supernatural Evidence

    Seventh in the series, covers the subject of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible and how that adds authenticity to its message

  • The Problem of Evil and a Monstrous or Merciful God

    Eighth in the series, covers one of the primary objections skeptics and atheists give against the Christian God

  • Is Christianity True?

    A general presentation covering a sampling of apologetics in one shot, obviously not as detailed as the others

    ** Doctrinal subject presentations are also available on the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus, essential Christianity, and doctrines that divide.


None, with the possible exception of travel expenses if it exceeds about a two hour drive, but even that is negotiable. Ben travels from Carrollton, GA.