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Billie Goodson

Chapter Director | University of Alabama, Huntsville

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Billie’s interest in apologetics was fueled by the challenges of an atheist on a local newspaper’s forum.  Realizing that he couldn’t respond to some challenges of the atheist he began applying himself to a better understanding of the Christian faith.  As the atheist threw up more and deeper challenges, Billie began to explore deeper into the basis for a biblical faith and worldview.  Billie soon discovered some of the current giants of the apologetic’s movement such as Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, and Greg Koukl.  Digging deeper into the basis for the biblical worldview, Billie was able to confirm that there are excellent reasons to hold to the truths of the biblical worldview.
In 2007, Billie returned to the Huntsville, AL area and was employed by Intergraph Services Company.  In 2011, Billie joined Compass, Inc as a Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance employee.

It was at the Evangelical Philosophical Society’s annual meeting in Atlanta in 2010 that Billie met a fellow Christian from Huntsville who was involved in the Ratio Christi chapter at the University of Alabama-Huntsville’s campus.  This led to his seeking out the chapter and beginning to attend meetings in 2012 and then becoming active.

Billie is married to Susan Goodson and they have 4 daughters (all college graduates), 5 grandsons, a cat, and four Dachshunds.  In addition to Ratio Christi, Billie serves as the Webmaster and a member of the Board of Directors for All American Dachshund Rescue which successfully placed over 250 animals in 2014!  Billie has completied the Certificate of Apologetics through Biola University.


Billie holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of South Alabama.  He was also commissioned through ROTC as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve/National Guard.  Following graduation Billie worked in the northern Virginia area for 10 years before relocating to central Florida.  He is an avid fan of sports to include Auburn University football, Football (Soccer), and Golf.