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Bob Schultz

Chapter Director | Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

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About me

If in college you’d asked me, “what would it be your dream job?” I would have said an apologist. In the early ’90s however, that really didn’t seem viable. Studying theology and then doing college ministry was about as close as I’d get. Fortunately, I also had a genuine passion for theology and for campus ministry. So that’s what I pursued.

I enjoyed my theological studies. And I loved campus ministry. However, it was less about deep dialogue and more about organizational management. I’d only have the opportunity to do apologetics occasionally. No regrets. We saw much fruit and I learned a lot.

My last ministry position was more administrative, but it did give me the flexibility to engage in some good apologetic dialogue. As I did this, I felt more alive and focused than I had in a long time. Like this is what I’m made for! But it was on the fringes of my responsibilities. It wasn’t my main job.
My wife, Molly saw the change and encouraged me to pursue a path that would allow me to make that fringe thing the main thing. Aside from starting from scratch, I didn’t see how. But I could do some research. That’s when the Lord led me to Ratio Christi!


I grew up in a church where I’d often hear “Jesus is Lord.” I had a vague idea just what a “Lord” was, but I was morally upright and tried to care for others. So I figured God and I were on the same page.

Then in high school, I started going to a weekly youth gathering-purely for social reasons-when the guy giving his Bible talk said something: “Jesus is God.”
Never heard that before. Yet it makes sense out of everything else. If that is true, then all I am needs to be aligned to it. Nothing matters apart from it.
My life has never been the same. Truth does that.

By God’s grace, I get to speak truth-and expose lies. And have hard conversations-so that others may know the Way, the Truth and the Life.
I am so grateful to God for the opportunity! And also for all of you whom God has worked through to make it a reality. Thank you!


In addition to his ministry with Ratio Christi, Bob is also on the Bible/Theology faculty of Horizon University and is deeply involved in outreach and apologetics to Arab Muslims in the US and abroad.

Bob has written or contributed to works of apologetics, theology, biblical studies, and church history. He was a college/young adult pastor in Chicago, then moved to Indianapolis working with a church plant and then urban ministry before returning to campus. He served as a campus staff minister for 5 years, followed by 5 years as national strategic director of a ministry to Arab-Muslim college students.

Bob studied at Western Illinois University before transferring to Moody Bible Institute where he graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies. He earned an MA in Historical Studies from Briercrest Seminary in Saskatchewan and an MA in Systematic Theology from Wheaton College. Most recently Bob studied Theological Research Methodologies through South Africa Theological Seminary in preparation for doctoral studies. Bob intends to continue his studies with a focus on Apologetics.