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Brett Reese

Regional Director: Colorado

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Brett Reese

Regional Director: Colorado

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint


After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Theology from Toccoa Falls College in NE Georgia in 1991, Brett continued to have honest questions about the authenticity of both the New Testament canon and the resurrection of Christ in the first century. These perceived historical incongruencies coupled with the philosophical difficulty of the Problem of Pain as described by C.S. Lewis and many others cast Brett into a world of agnosticism.

While researching extensively, Brett began to realize that in the world of doubt and skepticism, most thinkers were already bias for or against as they researched. Eventually it became clear that the weight of the evidence leaned, however slightly, toward the authenticity of both the New Testament and the Resurrection. The Problem of Pain does not have a simple answer, though every pastor and most scholars believe they have the answers and they are simple.

It is because of this search that Brett grew in appreciation for the subtleties God has left for those with the ability to set bias aside and investigate honestly. The confluence of this appreciation and the sad state of most church youth groups led Brett to enthusiastically support a campus ministry totally unique in its purpose; Ratio Christi.  Almost 80% of teenagers from Christian families walk away from Christ in their college years. RC provides the answers these students are thirsting for, yet so very few campus ministries are able to provide.