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Brian Miller

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Brian Miller

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Dr. Brian Miller is an apologist for Every Nation churches and campus ministries. He has a BS in physics from MIT and a PhD in physics from Duke University. He speaks internationally on the topics of intelligent design, the resurrection, reliability of the Gospels, and the Christian worldview. He conducts training seminars on evangelism and apologetics. And, he consults for churches on evangelism strategy and on organizational assessment. More recently, he served as a technical consultant and assistant writer for the books God's Not Dead and Man, Myth, Messiah, which shaped the movies God's Not Dead and its sequal. His expertise is speaking in open forums, where he addresses the most challenging questions faced by Christians, skeptics, and adherants to other belief systems. He has over twenty years of experience minister to students on secular campuses throughout the world. 


Dr. Miller was raised as a Christian, but his beliefs solidified after he read through the entire New Testament after his senior year of high school. However, he was unprepared for the challenges he would face in college. During his freshman year, he took a class on the Bible taught from a secular perspective. In addition, he read through Richard Dawkin's book The Blind Watchmaker, which argued that life is simply the product of the blind forces of nature. He became convinced that Christianity was not true and that God probably did not exist. He then asked God, if He did exist, to show him clearly what was true, for he could not follow any faith blindly. Over the next several years, he researched the truth of Christianity as related to the disciplines of science, history, philosophy, and others. Through his studies and through personally encountering God, he came back to faith. After finishing his PhD, he dedicated his life to equipping Christians on how to defend their faith and to assisting seekers to recognize the truth of Christianity and encounter God. Due to his faith crisis, Dr. Miller is very affective at speaking to both skeptics’ minds and hearts, since he is able to demonstrate genuine empathy for their challenges in believing.


  • MIT, BS in Physics
  • Duke University, PhD in Physics