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Cade Cover

Chapter Director | University of Cincinnati

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About me: Cade J. Cover is chapter director of Ratio Christi at the University of Cincinnati campus. Before becoming director, Cade obtained a Bachelor of Arts in history from Miami University (Ohio) as well as a Master of Arts in history from Wright State University. While attending Wright State University, Cade became secretary for the Ratio Christi campus chapter. It was in this chapter that Cade began to understand the great need for defending the faith intellectually at the college campus. This need far outweighed his perceived need for another Christian history teacher or faculty member. Between 2009 and 2014, Cade volunteered at his local church’s youth ministry in West Chester, Ohio. Having a background in both academia and in youth ministry, Cade uses his experience to better equip and uplift students who attend the chapter meetings and events.


Testimony: I grew up in a small suburb of West Chester, Ohio called “Maud.” My parents were instrumental in getting myself and my siblings to attend church and youth groups. While in high school I started to have doubts regarding the veracity of the Christian faith. In college, surrounded by secular professors and many students who did not share my views, my questions and doubts increased. Although my parents offered me many resources which helped alleviate some of my doubts, I still could not find a community of believers dedicated to defending the faith. I found that community in the Ratio Christi chapter at Wright State University. David Nedostup, the chapter director, opened my eyes to the world of Christian apologetics. While being mentored by David, I found that my faith in Christianity was being restored. Two years later, I decided to be baptized and fully commit myself to Christ’s calling.