Ratio Christi Staff

Cameron Miller

Community Apologist

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Cameron spent the early years of his life in Massachusetts and Virginia before moving to North Carolina, where he obtained a B.S. degree from East Carolina University. He now lives in New Jersey. Cameron recently completed the requirements for the Basic Certificate in Science Apologetics through Reasons Institute and is currently studying apologetics through the Southern Evangelical Seminary Lay Institute.

Realizing everyone has a worldview, Cameron has learned the importance of Peter’s instructions in 1 Peter 3:15: Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. A speaker at a university told a story of a time a woman approached him after he concluded his sermon/lecture. The woman said he needed to be careful because he was talking as if Christianity were “real[ly] real.”  It is real. Ratio Christi puts Truth back on campus and Cameron is privileged to assist in Ratio Christi’s mission.


I came to trust in Jesus because he continued to seek me regardless of how many times I ignored His call. I was raised Lutheran, but don’t know that I really believed until about 2004 and I didn’t trust until much later. I sat in Sunday School week after week and posed questions or objections to what was being taught: What about the dinosaurs? Is evolution a fact? If so, what does the Bible say? Week after week, I would receive the same response, “You just have to have faith,” or “Because the Bible says so.” To me, no one seemed to treat Christianity as if it were real. Over the years, I sporadically read the Bible, as well as literature from a science/faith think tank called Reasons to Believe. I learned that the Bible is unique to other so-called holy books in that it holds up to objective testing. My questions about dinosaurs were answered, but I still lacked God’s saving grace.

In 2004, after reading Luke, I truly believed Jesus lived, died for our sins, and was risen. However, a few years ago I heard the term “Christian Atheist” and think that term best described me. I believed in Jesus, but acted as if He didn’t exist. Around that time, with no explanation other than God’s grace, I had a desire to actively seek Him. I spent several hours per day reading the Bible and, during my long commute, listening to Scripture and podcasts by R.C. Sproul, Hugh Ross, John MacArthur, and Kenneth Samples. I felt like I couldn’t learn enough – and even learned that seeking God is a gift from Him more than it is my own effort.

I can look back and see how God first led me toward Him with dinosaurs. And then showing me how the Bible is unique in that it withstands testing, and finally – despite listening many times – allowing me to hear the Gospel; understanding that I am a sinner and the wages of sin is death, but because Jesus bore our punishment on the cross and rose from the grave we have eternal life.