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Christopher Riggs

Chapter Director | University of Central Florida

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Christopher came to Christ through apologetics and believes there is a great need for students to understand that Christianity does not require leaving ones beliefs outside the classroom. Working with students before and during their university education is something that he has been gifted to do. He plans on pursuing a M.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Apologetics and is the current president of the Christian Apologetics Alliance.

He is blessed to have a wonderful wife, twin girls, and two young boys.


Somewhere around the end of high school Christopher began to see religion as a belief that was retained to provide comfort to humanity. Religion wasn’t true or false, but rather just existed as a personal way for people to explain their purpose and meaning in life. Shortly after high school, while at a family reunion, he was approached by a distant family member about Christianity.  Christopher had many questions and they had answers. He didn’t walk away a Christian, but the conversation caused a switch to go off in his mind. He wanted to know if Christianity was true, rational, and corresponded to reality. Apologetics ultimately allowed Christopher to answer the questions that he had and to see that Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be. Apologetics was instrumental in clearing the way for him to see Christ clearly.


  • University of Central Florida, B.A. Philosophy, summa cum laude 2018
  • Certificate in Apologetics, Biola University, 2016
  • Core Module Certificate and Bible Elective Certificate, RZIM Academy, 2015-2016