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Chuck White

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Spring Arbor, Michigan 48118
(517) 750-6389

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Chuck White

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Chuck White started his career in forensics as a 6th grader by arguing that Plymouths were better than Chevys, moved on in junior high to debate which political party was better, then progressed to labor versus management, and finally, by high school, moved to the most interesting topic, "Does God exist?"  Since then he has taught environmentalists in Michigan, physicians in Mexico, church-planters in Canada, university students in England, Bible college students in Australia, Muslims in Nigeria, story-tellers in India, missionaries in the Philippines, and evangelists in Iraq.  He has also debated as a pro-lifer at MIT and U of M (Flint).  He was educated at Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston universities.  He has written two books and a score of academic articles.  He is professor of Christian Thought & History at Spring Arbor University.  He is the father of four grown children and has run 50,000 miles since he turned 40.


AB, Harvard College, 1971

MDiv, Gordon Conwell Seminary, 1974

PhD in church history, Boston University, 1986